2022 will see a boom in artificial intelligence and machine learning in media and entertainment

ABI Research 2022 Trend Report Identifies Key Metaverse Market and Technology Trend That Will Happen In 2022 – And One That Won’t

NEW YORK, 22 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – In its new white paper, 70 Tech Trends That Will Shape And Will Not Shape 2022, ABI Research analysts identify 35 trends that will shape the tech market and 35 others that, while attracting huge amounts of speculation and commentary, are less likely to move the needle over the next twelve months. “The fallout from COVID-19 prevention measures, the process of transition from pandemic to endemic disease and global political tensions are weighing heavily on the fortunes of the coming year. This white paper is a tool for our readers to help shape their understanding of the key critical trends that are expected to materialize in 2022 as the world begins to emerge from the shadows of COVID-19. It also highlights the much-vaunted trends that are less likely to have a significant impact in 2022, ”says Stuart carlaw, director of research at ABI Research.

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What will happen in 2022:

A boom for AI and ML

The role of AI and ML in the media and entertainment industry will increase dramatically in 2022, with revenues expected to exceed US $ 9.5 billion in 2022 when video ad technology is included. Due to competitive pressures from direct-to-consumer services, it has become necessary for incumbents (i.e. the role of AI / ML here will increase to better target households with promotions, automate more workflows and better secure the content and services of operators.

AI / ML will also play a growing role in the ad technology space to improve personalization and contextual ads and serve as a ground for differentiation. This is particularly critical following changes to third-party tracking devices (i.e. Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and third-party cookies) and the growing emphasis on privacy. The corollary of these trends is that the advertising market will not suffer as badly as some had feared due to the changing privacy landscape.

What will not happen in 2022:

The metaverse will not arrive fully formed

The metaverse, despite all the headlines and investments, will not arrive in 2022 or, for that matter, within the typical 5-year forecast window. The metaverse is still more of a buzzword and a vision than a full-fledged end goal with a set arrival date. What we have today is that a number of tech companies are building their version of a ‘metaverse’, but this multiverse is not fully interconnected, does not yet make extensive use of open standards, and certainly hasn’t fully embraced Extended Reality (XR) – all the tenets of the Metaverse Vision (some would also add crypto-economics to the list, which is also not in place).

However, that doesn’t mean that all of this talk about the Metaverse is premature, but rather that the tech industry will continue to lay the groundwork and build toward that metaverse future. It may be a good chunk of a decade before this “finished” form of the metaverse begins to take shape, but there will be plenty of opportunities by then. When the metaverse arrives, it will truly transform the way we live, and in so doing, will generate huge opportunities for a multitude of technologies, including 5G / 6G, edge and cloud computing, XR and AI / ML.

For more trends that will – and won’t – happen in 2022, download the 70 Tech Trends That Will Shaping And Not Shaping 2022 whitepaper.

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