4 women owning the DeFi game

World Blockchain Congress: BeinCrypto attended the 9th Annual Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai for exclusive interviews and insights from industry leaders.

Last month the Agora Group and TDeFitook co-hosted the 9th Annual Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai. This congress is not the typical mega conference, so common in the crypto industry.

On the contrary, the Global Blockchain Congress is exclusive and “behind closed doors”. It is a congress of more than 400 representatives – investors, sponsors, blockchain projects seeking funding – in various pre-scheduled and organized individual meetings. Dubai event venue speaks to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region becoming important in the crypto scene.

This year’s congress theme got everyone talking: “Decentralized Digital Reality – A Gateway to the Metaverse, GameFi & DeFi.” A Metaverse and DeFi-themed conference is all the rage with industry buzz around the rapidly building digital universe.

Just as Singapore has carved out its feet as a digital innovation outpost in Asia, Dubai is doing the same in the MENA region. In the heat of the moment about Dubai’s central role in the Metaverse, the conference coined the term “MetaDubai”. Recently, Bybit and Crypto.com have joined a host of other platforms with regional hubs in Dubai.

Dubai Power Players

To ring in the Global Blockchain Congress, the keynote address came from none other than Her Excellency Dr. Maryam Buti Al Suwaidi, CEO of Securities and Commodities Authority in the United Arab Emirates.

This paved the way for a host of big names to grace the event. Additionally, it was a big moment for female representation in the decentralized space, which often fights for visibility.

BeInCrypto Account Manager Alla Rudneva was on the ground in Dubai with some of the women attending the congress to talk about all things Metaverse, DeFi and Dubai. #women-in-crypto

HE Laila Rahhal Elatfani – President and Founder, Business Gate

HE Laila Rahhal Elatfani, is not to be missed. Somewhat of an icon in Dubai circles, she is the founder and chairman of Business Gate and the global chairman of CEC-UK. His company is one of the leading companies in the Gulf region specializing in business studies, financial analysis, evaluation of new and existing projects and the feasibility of commercial projects in the MENA region.

For Elatfani, spreading education and awareness in this emerging space is the way to further spread adoption. “I think we need to raise awareness and build people’s knowledge and change old mindsets, because that’s the future.”

Additionally, Elafani is the Goodwill Ambassador for Women Empowerment “FAAVM” and the President of International Affairs Anouar. Leading by example, she is a champion for diversity and women’s empowerment in space. “When we talk about diversity in technology today, that’s the future because it will take all countries to propel this technology.”

Anna Tutova – CoinsTelegram CEO

Another DeFi champion at the event was Anna Tutova. Awareness of Tutova is on the rise in Dubai. She is the CEO of CoinsTelegram, a hub for crypto media relations, an advocate for the space, and a contributor to Forbes Middle East.

Tutova sees the FinTech industry ready to explode with DeFi at the helm. “The FinTech industry is expected to grow from 1.25 billion to over 9 billion by 2025.”

Global Blockchain Congress Dubai: 4 women owners of the DeFi game

However, she thinks it’s an uphill battle for DeFi against traditional monetary systems. “I see DeFi as the primary juxtaposition to traditional banking institutions. Traditional banks will certainly remain there, but there will be a high turnover towards decentralized financial solutions.

“Already, many large banking institutions have started implementing blockchain for cross-border payments, bond issuance, etc. There will be even more development in this direction.

Tutova’s view of centralized entities entering space is two-sided.

“I guess they will just try to create their own solutions. We see this with governments creating their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Such things give them more control over monetary flows and citizens lose their autonomy. DeFi does not allow this. There are risks in DeFi, which governments are quick to point out. »

However, in terms of the metaverse, the entry of large corporations is a possible sign of further development.

“Frankly, I’m pretty skeptical about Metaverse, but now we see big companies like Facebook investing $500 billion in Meta. Here I see the great potential of using NFTs. It is still too early to see the major impact. It will undoubtedly allow new forms of connection with each other. It will be a huge reimagining of how we view our daily lives.

Zhanna Manzyk – Head of Operations at Recurin

To continue to make this space a sustainable and innovative industry, it takes the right people in the right places. Zhanna Manzyk, Lead Operations at Recurin is one of the people with the power to make this a reality. She says the current blockchain job market is booming, especially when bitcoin is booming as well.

Global Blockchain Congress Dubai: 4 women owners of the DeFi game

“We can see a strong correlation between the price of BTC and the number of new hires. Despite falling prices and high volatility, demand for blockchain talent and interest in the crypto space has remained strong.

Plus, she says, demand correlates with wage increases. “Global demand for blockchain developers is growing 317% year over year. Their average salary is between $150,000 and $195,000 on average. Such a salary range puts blockchain developers on a par with another in-demand group – engineers with expertise in artificial intelligence.

Manzyk hinted at a future in the Metaverse in which job search and acquisition will take on a whole new form.

“MS Teams will introduce Mesh for Teams by mid-2022 to enhance conventional 2D videos with 3D virtual rooms. This will allow people to experience a metaverse of corporate office buildings and branded virtual conference rooms during interviews. Initial versions will have avatar-based interviews, while next-stage technology is likely to include real faces in virtual environments. Meanwhile, Meta introduced Horizon Workrooms last August as a virtual collaboration platform using Oculus Quest 2 headsets.”

She says the concept will expand to career fairs, assessment centers and hackathons in the metaverse. Additionally, upcoming “metaverse” job descriptions will allow users to get a glimpse of the work culture before applying.

“This may involve walking around an office where the candidate will be working. It could be visualizing the physical and virtual stakeholders that a sales manager will be dealing with.

Valeriya Minaeva, Partnerships and Communications Specialist at 1inch Network

Last but not least, Valeriya Minaeva is the window to the world for communication and partnerships at 1 inch network. The network specializes in being a one-stop-shop for decentralized financial engagement. For Minaeva DeFi, this is the future – and not just in Dubai, but all over the world.

Global Blockchain Congress Dubai: 4 women owners of the DeFi game

“Decentralization is above all freedom. We note that decentralization is constantly evolving and is part of major movements. DeFi technologies help eliminate conservative centralized financial models by allowing anyone to use fintech anywhere, no matter who or where they are.

A hot topic in the industry these days is the power of decentralized tools to overturn censorship. Recently, MetaMask users have complained about censorship, but concerns about Big Tech’s influence continue to mount.

Minaeva says decentralization is the key to fighting centralized control. “It also helps secure communications, transactions, privacy, and censorship resistance,” she says.

“Decentralization in terms of data and cryptocurrencies takes power out of the hands of Big Tech and Big Brother while giving individuals full control over their sensitive data.”

World Blockchain Congress: Leaders inspire followers

These women are just four of thousands of Congress participants with visions for a decentralized digital future. However, the attendees of the event are deeply rooted in the industry.

To accelerate space in the life of more global communities, Minaeva says it’s success stories that inspire action. “Convincing businesses and spreading mass adoption will certainly take time, but each of the successful examples brings us closer to that bright future. Simply, if we see someone take the leap and succeed, others are bound to follow.

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