Accelerate business services with artificial intelligence strategies

Zensar Technologies: Accelerating Business Services with Artificial Intelligence Strategies

Zensar Technologies Uses AI Models and Partnerships to Effectively Drive Digital Transformation

Zensar Technologies is known as one of the leading artificial intelligence companies in India with over 10,000 associates in 33 locations around the world. Zensar AI models are popular among over 130 organizations for their disruptive and agile Zensar Technologies AI strategies. The company focuses on disruption through innovation and speed effectively and efficiently across multiple industries such as high tech, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare and many more. Let’s explore the different AI strategies of Zensar Technologies through AI models.

One of Zensar Technologies’ main AI strategies has been the decision to move from a living digital business to a living artificial intelligence organization. The company has launched several sets of internal platforms to meet customer satisfaction and boost customer engagement. AI in Zensar Technologies follows three pillars such as experience, research and decision making.

Zensar Technologies’ AI strategies focus on New and Exponential Technologies (NeXT) in the broad field of Artificial Intelligence, NLP, IoT and blockchain technology. AI models are implemented to make all kinds of decisions and allow employees to focus on other creative work in the organization.

Zensar Technologies’ R&D center has renamed ZensarAIRLabs to focus on artificial intelligence. The company envisioned the next wave of developments with the integration of AI models to provide seamless digital transformation to customers.

Zensar Technologies offers a wide range of global customer services, such as experience services, advanced engineering services, engineering and data analysis services, application services and core services. . He partnered with ThoughtSpot in June 2020 to offer clients AI-powered analytics. It has the ability to enable employees to efficiently obtain detailed and actionable insights from data. Zensar can leverage its living AI strategies to get results anytime.

Zensar Technologies’ recent AI strategies were the partnership with the most widely adopted provider of end-to-end artificial intelligence-based fraud prevention and detection solutions for P&C insurers known as FRISS in September 2021 and a leading digital customer service provider known as Glia. in December 2021. These partnerships took place to improve the AI ​​models in this business in order to gain competitive advantage and satisfy long-term customer satisfaction.

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