bitsCrunch – mix of artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are trending in the market for their unique characteristics.

Curiosity for collectibles brings together a wide variety of audiences that boost creativity in the NFT market.

Art and games are the activities that attract attention in the NFT market and improve the development of NFT tokenization.

bitsCrunch uses three key products to ensure customers can manage their digital assets securely and with confidence.

AI-enhanced security feature (Browse)

Through predictive analytics, the project is able to increase trust and security across the entire NFT ecosystem.

Wash trading is the process by which a trader sells an asset to himself or to a known network with a superfluous price. These issues deter new users from entering the NFT ecosystem.

Browse is an AI watchdog that monitors transactions in the DeFi and NFT markets and flags malicious trade transactions and washout traders involved in exploiting market mining mechanisms.

Estimation of the fair price value of an asset (Liquefy)

It is important to get an estimate of the price of a digital asset before buying or selling it.

NFTs represent a digital asset that can be licensed for various purposes. From a valuation perspective, valuing digital assets is more of an art than a science.

The problem with the existing NFT ecosystem is that in the current scenario, there has not been a fair price for NFT assets. Many NFTs are valued at a higher valuation than they should be. On marketplaces, these listing prices do not represent true value.

Liquefy is an enhanced AI model that reveals inflated and undervalued digital assets.

bitsCrunch is already building the NFT Fair Price Estimator using previous experience in building estimation models for CryptoPunks and Axie Infinity.

Digital Asset Counterfeit Detection System (DaVinci Crunch)

Collectible digital assets must be original to have value, hence the growing importance of digital asset authentication.

Trust is the primary barrier to adoption for the NFT marketplace ecosystem. Counterfeits and imitators are commonplace and create legal liability for marketplaces.

While whitelisting or verified creator badges are helpful, they aren’t a complete trust-building solution.

DaVinci Crunch is the new solution for digital art counterfeits that is enhanced by AI, capable of identifying and locating key characteristics of digital assets, regardless of the different image manipulations in relation to the digital asset d ‘origin.

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As one of the top 4 artificial intelligence (AI) companies in Germany, bitsCrunch specializes in Blockchain technology.

The project combines proven technology like Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain technology to make the ecosystem much safer and more reliable.

Empower organizations with critical insights that deliver strategic advantage over competitors from predictive analytics systems. Complex data sources are analyzed to create impactful insights.

bitsCrunch hopes to become the contributor of choice that best understands the intersecting contexts of data, technology and people driving tangible value in an abstract digital ecosystem.

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