Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence



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September 24, 2021

Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence, written by Naveen Chilamkurti, T. Poongodi, and Balamurugan Balusamy, provides an integrated overview and technical description of fundamental concepts in blockchain, IoT, and AI technologies. To discuss the challenges in each area, the authors explored the advanced techniques in depth. The convergence of these revolutionary technologies has taken advantage of several areas that have captured the attention of academics and industry professionals, which in turn further promotes accessibility of the book.

Discussions on an integrated perspective on the influence of blockchain, IoT and AI for smart cities, healthcare and other industries highlight the benefits and opportunities in ecosystems around the world. Contributors focused on real-world examples and applications and highlighted the importance of blockchain strengths in transforming readers’ thinking towards finding potential solutions.

They beautifully mentioned how the faster maturity and stability of blockchain is the key differentiator between artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. This book discusses their powerful combination in the realization of intelligent systems, services and environments. The contributors present their technical evaluations and comparisons with existing technologies. Theoretical explanations and experimental case studies related to real-time scenarios are also discussed.

You will also get an answer on how the industry can avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional data sharing strategies. So what is Elucid? Its concepts, theories and assumptions are involved in smart contracts and distributed ledgers related to IoT systems and AI approaches. This book also offers real-world uses of blockchain technologies in different IoT systems and further investigates its influence in supply chains and logistics, automotive industry, smart homes, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and other areas.

Overall, this is a good read where you will learn the potential of blockchain to dramatically increase data while improving the accuracy and integrity of data generated by IoT and information processed by AI. Additionally, it introduces readers to ways to use blockchain in IoT and AI, helping them understand what they can and cannot do with blockchain.

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