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The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) has tasked employers with adopting remote technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to manage their employees to to adapt to the workspace.

Seamless HR Managing Director Emmanuel Okeleji made the remark at the CIPM’s 53rd Annual National Conference held in Abuja.
Speaking on the topic: “Managing the Next Generation Workforce: The Mystery, the Myth and the Reality,” he said employees are now demanding to collect their wages in crypto, explaining that companies could lose those employees if they couldn’t provide such a service.

“We need to rethink the office space because the pandemic has also presented an opportunity for people to feel comfortable working from home. We need to optimize, budget to make the home suitable for work, ”he said.

He urged human resources officials to rethink the limits they place on hiring staff, especially the issue of tribal sentiment and other irrelevant considerations.

“We have to realize that these things don’t matter and wouldn’t work for digital natives,” he added. Speaking next, CIPM Board Chairman Olusegun Mojeed said: “The focus of most organizations and business leaders is changing.

The focus is now on realigning and retraining their employees to add value to themselves and all stakeholders to impact growth and positive business results.

According to him, the CIPM is in the process of identifying the new skills and competences required in the new realities and working relationships, identifying the gaps in the current workforce and devising ways to stimulate human capital and economic growth through recycling initiatives and interventions.

Nigeria Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) President Comfort Eyitayo said organizations that would thrive in the emerging world must be equipped to be relevant and adaptable to the future of work. She explained that the world stands at a critical crossroads in global and national history and must be properly equipped.

According to her, there is a need for a more supported workforce that would be dynamic.

“As professionals, lifelong learning is essential. The world of work is emerging quickly, so we need to find out how to prepare for a difficult future to predict, ”she added.

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