Cognet9 and Solve.Care partner to bring artificial intelligence to healthcare

SeonHo Han, CEO of Cognet9 (l), Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care (center) and Dr. Uhn Lee, President of Solve.Care Korea (r), at the partnership signing ceremony in Incheon, Korea .

The initial focus will be on public health initiatives in Korea to provide better health services.

By using both the Solve.Care and Cognet9 platforms, we are able to create a powerful offer in the market, not only in Korea but for the rest of the world.

— Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA, September 29, 2022 / — Solve Carethe healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to deliver better care, greater accountability and lower risk, and Cognet9, Korea’s first artificial intelligence (AI) managed services company, today announced that it has formed a partnership. They aim to provide better health care to Koreans through local government-sponsored health and wellness centers

Cognet9 will use sensitive health data that has been collected in a secure and regulatory compliant manner from the Solve.Care platform. Using AI, the data will be analyzed and transformed into powerful predictive models. The two companies will work together to launch AI-powered healthcare networks in Korea, focusing on chronic disease management. The immediate focus of these new networks will be government initiatives providing better care to the Korean community. Insurance and employer-employee networks will also be a target market later on.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said, “There are great synergies to be realized with this deal. By using both the Solve.Care platform and Cognet9, we are able to create a powerful offer in the market, not only in Korea but for the rest of the world. By integrating AI into the Solve.Care platform, we have become a full-fledged Web 3.0 healthcare platform company.

Cognet9 COO SeonHo Han said, “By working with Solve.Care, we are able to expand our service offerings, as well as our customer base to include entities such as government, insurers and hospitals working with sensitive data. and private, which have been collected in a very consistent manner.

The company recently made a host of announcements regarding the Korean market. The most recent was the appointment of Korean blockchain pioneer Park Chang-ki to its advisory board. Other announcements include the partnership with Inha University. They were also appointed blockchain advisors to the Metaverse Doctors Alliance, where the SOLVE token would be adopted as the payment currency of choice for the upcoming metaverse hospital, and the partnership agreement with EMEDI Healthcare to integrate their Smart Rings on the platform. Solve.Care.

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