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The blockchain and AI company recently showed how the world of sports could be on the verge of a revolution

The emergence and rapid increase in popularity of game-to-win apps that allow users to enjoy the near-real experience and benefits built into the app has given dotmoovs recent popularity, which is considered to be innovative and unique.

dotmoovs, a blockchain-based game-to-win platform uses artificial intelligence to allow users of its app to compete in their favorite sports against others around the world. Winners earn rewards in the form of digital assets.

In one of the latest efforts to mix sports and blockchain, the NFT collection – dubbed “The Balls” – has been launched. In fact, these NFT utilities bring a whole new gamification to the application. To challenge others, players must have one of the NFTs available, but they do not necessarily need to buy them: it will be possible to rent them to other players in order to participate in specific tournaments or challenges and to share the income if they win.

Sharing is loving

An interesting idea that seems to be gaining popularity among the dotmoov community is the possibility of loaning NFTs to skilled players. The point is, crypto and sports are still two different worlds that only a small percentage of users are able to combine. This means that many dotmoovs supporters cannot juggle a ball or dance an Argentine tango, but are ready to invest in the platform and support some rising stars. On the flip side, many skilled players don’t want to spend the money, and they don’t understand the crypto world well enough to purchase the NFTs needed to play challenges and tournaments.

This idea gives strength to the motto “sharing is caring”, allowing both parties to win – while one plays, the other supports the player by providing the required “ball”.

To fully understand the business model, you have to understand the world of dotmoovs. Here’s how users are getting the most out of the platform:

  1. Players use their $ MOOV to both buy NFTs and play / invest in challenges
  2. $ MOOV also provides access to staking;
  3. These NFTs will give the player access to paid tournaments and challenges;
  4. If the player wins the challenge, he will earn MOOV $;
  5. The player can use the MOOV $ earned to participate in higher value challenges or invest in more NFT to loan to other players in order to increase the income stream.

Notice that:

  1. NFTs can be used in 2 ways:
    1. To access the challenges to earn $ MOOV if the user wins it;
    2. Rent to others to earn $ MOOV if they complete the challenges
  2. The $ MOOV token can be used in 2 ways:
    1. To play challenges and earn more $ MOOV if the user wins this challenge;
    2. To stake out in the Sports Mining option

So the question is not if, but when can we trade and monetize these assets in an in-game economy? The beta is already available and soon everyone will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits that dotmoovs has to offer. Start playing now and be part of the sports revolution!

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