Crypto Arcade: A Bridge Between Arcade Games and the Blockchain Ecosystem

What is Crypto Arcade?

The NFT approach is ideal for the video game industry. Arcade Crypto is a great illustration of how NFTs not only increase their limits, but also transform the equity distribution mechanism of game assets. Indeed, each Flappy NFT will be playable in the game and will provide access to a variety of benefits, such as free games and payouts from company profits. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital tokens with distinct characteristics, like a music video, digital artwork, or piece of music. The author, current ownership, and sales history of NFTs can all be validated on the blockchain, unlike typical digital files.

The tokenization of well-known collections that span multiple generations, such as Pokemon trading cards and video games, is driving the current NFT craze. Blockchain-based NFTs, such as CryptoPunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork, which has sold in the millions, are the most recent additions to these collections.

How does Crypto Arcade work?

The Tezos blockchain is used by Crypto Arcade to create play-to-earn arcade games. Their mission is to resurrect classic arcade games. Their first game is a reimagining of the popular “Flappy Bird” app, which has over 50 million downloads. This is the first game in the series, and it comes with a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that any owner can play with.

NFT owners will be entitled to a minimum of 100 free games each week, allowing them to play in prize matches in addition to being the sole owner of their character. The amount of free games tied to an NFT is proportional to its environmental rarity. The higher the number of free games per week, the rarer the NFT (in addition to design attributes).

Additionally, each NFT holder will be considered a stakeholder in the game’s revenue, with 50% of the profits going to them.

However, those who weren’t lucky enough to strike in time can still play the game for 0.025 XTZ each game (discounted price depending on the chosen pack), and therefore participate in the total game leaderboard and prize.

They update the leaderboard every seven days and deliver prizes to winners’ wallets. In order to ensure a minimum payout for each session, regardless of the number of players, 15% of the prize pool from the previous contest is used for the next prize pool, and so on. Each Arcade Crypto The game includes its own NFT collection and dashboard, allowing players to track their progress in real time.

The founders of Crypto Arcade have chosen to donate 10% of the sale of the connected NFT for the first prize pool of a game release.

Unlike other NFT projects, where you have to dedicate yourself to the community for weeks in order to achieve the coveted whitelist status, Crypto Arcade simply considers your gaming abilities.

As a result, they have made the game available to all site visitors for free from the start. This free access has two advantages: the top 1,500 players will be immediately added to the whitelist, and the community will be able to train on the game to improve their scores in preparation for the opening of the “play-to-earn” tournament ( the minute following the end of the project). exhausted).

From arcade machines to home systems like the NES and Super Nintendo, arcade games have been around for decades. Everyone had the chance to participate and enjoy these games.

The team wants to recreate an experience that is reminiscent of each of these legendary games at Crypto Arcade.

There are four pillars of development that must be developed in order to achieve the goal of Crypto Arcade and to include as many individuals as possible in the Crypto Arcade universe:

1) Convenience of access

They want everyone to be able to participate in the Crypto Arcade experience, which is why they chose to build their ecosystem on XTZ, which has incredibly cheap operational expenses and minimal carbon impact.

2) Modification of current communication codes

Crypto Arcade has chosen to adopt growth hacking tactics to ensure profitable games for the Crypto Arcade community. Game creation, transaction security and NFT collection design are their main investments. Flappy owners will have access to an exclusive Telegram chat room.

3) Build a community around initiative rather than bots.

The majority of NFT communities follow a similar pattern: a Discord server and an Instagram account.

The task of project managers is to generate buzz and interaction on social networks. Unfortunately, the majority of initiatives are built on the basis of fake members, followers and involvement. Crypto Arcade will not start Discord or Instagram to reduce these issues. They want the community involved in their games rather than the hype. They intend to implement a DAO voting mechanism on the strategic directions that Crypto Arcade will pursue to ensure active community involvement.

4) Recognize and reward our communities

Every Crypto Arcade player will be ranked once a week. Obviously, the highest ranked players will earn the most money (in XTZ).

Therefore, the win-win philosophy is at the heart of their development. Community members will be motivated to play as many games as possible in order to improve their ranking; the more the community is involved, the more the Crypto Arcade team will be able to create new games.

Flappys will be available in all Tezos NFT marketplaces, with a focus on OBJKT and Rarible

Considering the financial benefits associated with owning Flappys, we expect the secondary market value of Flappys to be 5-10 times the price of mints.

Owning a Flappy entitles you to:

The amount of Flappys held multiplies these benefits.

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