Cybersecurity tips for kids

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Cybersecurity tips for kids – As everything becomes available online, also impacted by the pandemic, cyber threats are increasing day by day. Due to the pandemic, schools were closed and online education was encouraged. However, it exposed the children to cyber threats as well. With practical time, online game become the favorite pastime of many children. Many children have become addicted online games. Therefore, parents should educate children and take steps to cyber security.

Cyber ​​Security Tips for Kids – Cyber ​​Threats from Online Gaming

There are thousands of ways hackers or websites can try to harm you or your child. These are some of the most common examples of cyber threats:

Harassment on the Internet: Children are exposed to bullying and harassment by other players which can affect their child’s peace and confidence. They hide behind fake avatars and names for online games.
Computer virus: Some links or websites infect computers with viruses and damage your system.
Ransomware : Ransomware is common in online games and may affect systems and consoles. Once hacked, you will have to pay or respond to the hacker’s demands to regain access to your systems.
Phishing: Some online games can steal your data or personal data. They can use your bank details to steal money or threaten you with stolen data.
Predators: online games opens up access to your privacy through cameras and speakers. This can give access to predators who can see or hear you. They may try to harm your children or threaten them.

Cybersecurity tips for kids

Cybersecurity: Preventive measures
You can save your child from Harassment on the internet by taking some preventive measures:

Parental control: Use password strings and security features on your computers and devices. Do not share these passwords with your children and provide access only to appropriate sites or programs.
Monitor: Monitor your child’s online activity. Try to be around them when they use computers or devices to protect them from cyber threats.
Advice: Explain cyber threats to your children and make them aware of preventive measures. If your child knows this, he can let you know immediately when he feels something is wrong.
Updates and notices: Keep your systems up to date and check for revisions online games your children like to play. This will help you assess whether or not the game is suitable for your child.

By taking a few preventive measures, you can protect your children from cyber threats and let them enjoy online games.

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