Data science career stories you loved in 2021


We’ve covered some interesting career stories that stood out in 2021 and sparked inspiration. We regularly cover stories of scientists and data professionals who have made careers in data science, despite obstacles or who have presented an unconventional path to be where they are right now.

Here are the best data science career stories that have inspired others along their journey in 2021.

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From UPSC to Data Science: Shruti Pandey

Shruti Pandey is a former UPSC aspirant and currently a data scientist. His journey came as a beacon of hope for those who were unable to make the cut in UPSC. Shruti had decided to continue his engineering studies soon after graduating. Her pure interest in thermodynamics led her to choose mechanical engineering as a specialization, even when her peers pursued “in-demand” branches like computer science at the time. By the time Shruti was in her third year, she had landed an internship opportunity at ExxonMobil, which gave her the first interaction with Data Science. However, instead of dipping heads into the realm of data science, Shruti started chasing the UPSC big dream. She tried the UPSC exam twice; passed the preliminary round but failed the main exam in both attempts. While trying to figure out what she wanted to do next in her life, Shruti pursued some part-time writing jobs, on a contract basis. Because of this, one of her opportunities landed with NASSCOM, where she explored a lot of data science concept writing projects. She also took a few courses in data science and coding. Encouraged by her mentor, she applied to a few colleges, and the effort was worth it as Shruti received a callback from one of the top universities in less than a day. Shruti shared her journey while currently attending Duke University, telling us throughout her journey that things get better and it’s okay to experiment until you find the right career.

You can read more about Shruti’s journey here.

India’s top ethical AI advocate: Saishruthi Swaminathan

Saishruthi Swaminathan is the Technical and Scientific Advisory Manager for Data at IBM. She is an active practitioner and advocate of ethical AI based in California and has consistently contributed to ethical AI through open source contributions. Saishruthi did his undergraduate degree in Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Data Science. To better understand what she likes, Saishruthi has experimented with everything from machines to machine learning. His internship was a turning point; She started working with the AI ​​innovation team at a startup that she joined as an intern, and the tasks revolved around data and AI. Because of this, she understood what the data was trying to convey and was amazed that the data could answer all questions like a magic box that gives whatever you want. Saisruthi says: “Data scientists who will live with data day in and day out must be aware of the ethical concerns of their system. Today, his work has reached over 25,000 people around the world, exposing them to the concepts of ethical AI.

You can read more about Saishruthi’s journey here.

A chat with dad lit a fire to start the ML trip: Aswini Thota

Aswini Thota is a Senior Data Scientist at Bose Corporation for the ML Practitioner Series. He currently holds two master’s degrees in electrical engineering and data science, respectively. He is a technical leader in artificial intelligence and data science who solves organizational and business problems by leveraging data. Being exposed to experimentation and research methods through his father, he started his MPhil in grade 10. He discussed his experiments, and Aswini has always been fascinated by mathematics and the way engineers and researchers use it to model real-world phenomena. He then enrolled in a Social Network Analysis (SNA) course taught by Dr. Lada Adamic, which changed his career. Social networks and the measurement and quantification of information in networks aroused a deep curiosity in him. He connected with researchers and professors in his metroplex and participated in several top level AI courses to understand different AI topics. After gaining a solid knowledge, Aswini began developing AI use cases for his group’s problems. Praising his talent, managers supported him and as a result he was able to break into data science roles. Aswini is also a researcher and is currently studying the impact of AI on improving business efficiency. His work has recently been published in several scientific and specialized journals.

You can read more about Aswini’s journey here.

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Data Scientist, Data Science Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant to COO: Harsh Gupta

Dur Gupta is the COO & Head of AI at Customer base and has over seven years of experience developing and leading AI initiatives across various industries. Harsh started his career as a data analyst and progressed to a data scientist with the right attitude, in-depth knowledge and a master’s degree. However, he does not recommend masters for everyone. Harsh started working as a consultant in addition to his full-time job due to the way he presented his concerts at conferences. He prepared the content and presented it to an audience, who later spoke to him and viewed. In 2020, he decided to create his own business, which was then bought out by Cliently. It has also generated great interest from investors, due to its marketing efforts and expertise. Harsh now works as COO and Head of AI at Cliently; with over 150 companies, giving them AI predictions in a practical way for their sales teams.

He says, “I like being in charge of many departments or at least being involved, so the COO or CEO position is best for me, because then I am involved in growing the business, overseeing operations and develops strategies. My actions have an immediate impact, and that’s what I love, more challenges.

You can read more about Harsh’s Journey here.

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