DeFi.Org Accelerator Program Powers Blockchain Innovation Through Polygon and Orbs

A powerful trio of renowned blockchain brands have teamed up to launch a new accelerator program that aims to discover and support some of the most innovative DeFi applications in the industry today.

The Accelerator supports projects that build on the principles of community ownership, fair distribution, sustainable economics, innovation, and protocol interoperability. It collaborates with Polygon, a development platform for pursuit and advancement to Web3, and Orbs, a public Layer 3 POS blockchain that brings an extra layer of sophistication to EVM smart contracts.

Polygon and Orbs complement each other perfectly as a Layer 2 and Layer 3 architecture, with Polygon focusing on cross-chain interoperability, while offering developers scalable and secure development at competitive prices of blockchain products, and Orbs adding additional depth Layer 2 and Layer 1 based applications.

The 100 participants in the acceleration program are those that rely on the Polygon ecosystem, with special consideration for participants using Orbs’ Layer-3 infrastructure. Maximize the potential and usability of their products to bring superior sophisticated liquidity, speed and operability to their dApps. Of these candidates, four were selected after rigorous interview processes, followed by product reviews and extensive due diligence. All of the participants were touting products at different stages of development.

Participants will receive mentorship, funding opportunities, and market exposure from the Polygon, Orbs, and communities.

Program winners

The winners, chosen by DeFi.Org, are ithilan under-collateralized leveraged investment protocol offering risk diversification strategies, Propheta marketplace for automated, secure, non-custodial DeFi investment strategies, CURL, a synthetic liquidity protocol that combines layer 1 assets and transforms them into layer 2 assets for use on networks and annealed which is the crowdbuilding of Web3 DAO products.

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