DPS Cyber ​​Security Crypto Recovery Team Recovers Millions in Cryptocurrency from Romance Scam

DPS Cyber ​​Security Provides Assistance in Tracking Stolen Cryptocurrencies

LONDON, UK, Aug. 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The crypto market has grown rapidly in recent years. Many people are increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies to transact as the value of digital currencies like bitcoin increases. But because cryptocurrencies are so expensive, thieves can profit greatly from them. As a result, many people have lost several thousand dollars to dodgy online investments, and others continue to lose money. Cryptocurrency recovery requires the assistance of a reputable cyber crime firm or firm such as DPS Cyber ​​Security.

After helping romance scam victim Mr. White recover $1.2 million in bitcoins, DPS Cyber ​​Security has successfully proven why they are the best in the business. The West Palm Beach man had made a supposedly innocent connection on a dating app. The financial loss that followed in Mr. White’s life was the greatest.

According to Mr. White, who described his experience with the cybercriminal, “While we were talking, I revealed to him that I had refinanced my house last year and had $30,000 that I planned to use for home renovations. She asked me if I had $2000 available and said she could teach me how to trade cryptocurrency. She assured me that I wouldn’t have to work hard anymore or worry about housing payments. She said she would like to come with me on future trips.”

Mr. White already had contacts in the crypto industry and had no suspicion of wrongdoing. He downloaded the app and went to the fictional day trading website it gave him. The website was so advanced that even those who knew crypto would not understand that it was fake.

DPS Cyber ​​Security used the most thorough and efficient recovery process to recover lost money.

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About DPS cybersecurity:
To recover cryptocurrency assets for each client, DPS Cyber ​​Security uses a thorough and incredibly efficient process. The company’s recovery strategies share several features, such as providing case information and supporting documentation, tracking cryptocurrency, and producing an in-depth source forensic report. of the transaction and the potential portfolios of the participants.

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