Explore and master machine learning and data science with this set of eight courses

With this eight-course certification training bundle, you’ll master machine learning and data science concepts. Grab it for $35 today.

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Even in cutting-edge areas like machine learning, technology is constantly evolving and innovating. That’s why, if you want to future-proof your skills and move up the career ladder, it’s important to commit to learning today’s most important technologies. Today, that means diving into machine learning and data science. You can dive deeper into both in the Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Pack.

This set of eight courses is taught by Minerva Singh, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. graduate who has extensive experience in data science. She has expertise in tools such as R, QGIS, Python, etc.

In the courses, you will mainly focus on Python, R and Tensorflow. To get started, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to Python Data Science, learn how to install Tensorflow and Keras, and start covering the basics of Tensorflow’s syntax and graphical environment. From there, you’ll start building artificial neural networks and deep learning structures and explore statistical modeling in Tensorflow.

As you progress, you’ll get more focused Python Data Science training, learn how to classify and group data in Python, and understand how to use statistics in machine learning. Finally, in a few deep dives into R programming, you’ll learn commonly used techniques, visualization methods, and deep learning techniques and how to apply them to real time data.

You will also explore deep neural networks (DNN), convolutional neural networks (CNN), and recurrent neural networks (RNN). By the end of the courses, you will have a comprehensive understanding of some of the most important tools in machine learning and data science.

Let yourself be carried away by the future. Grab the Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle for just $35 today.

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