Feed3 Is Revolutionizing The Cryptocurrency Industry – How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Blockchain Technology

Feed3 Is Revolutionizing The Cryptocurrency Industry – How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Blockchain Technology

by IndustryTrends October 2, 2022

From our imagination to on-screen spectacle to reality – artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. As scary as it sounds, AI is here to stay. Only in its infancy, artificial intelligence has already found its way into blockchain technology.

The developers of Power3 (FD3) seem to be very aware of this and have decided to use this technology to improve the cryptocurrency market with feedback from the Web 3.0 community. Feed3 is a community token created to promote the Web 3.0 industry using artificial intelligence. How does he do this?

The advantages of Feed3 in the crypto market

Everyone has heard the expression “the customer is always right”. Thanks to Feed3’s new technology, Feed3 developers can get direct feedback from their community. Feed3 has developed its platform to connect its end users with developers behind the scenes in the crypto space.

After playing Web 3.0, users will have the option to record their feedback with Feed3’s AI system named Freeda. Feed3 token owners can let Freeda know of their concerns or voice any recommendations they may have.

Feed3 empowers its community, allowing owners of FD3 tokens to vote on key decisions on the platform. After reviewing what the community wants, the team and engineers behind Feed3’s platform can then decide to implement any necessary decision.

What does this mean for Blockchain technology?

Feed3’s approach to building a community that will drive Web 3.0 is unlike any other. Its Freeda AI system has taken a step ahead of most other cryptocurrencies in the market.

There is, however, more than that. No matter what blockchain game a user is playing, they can earn passive income by recording and posting comments using Freeda. The Feed3 developer team can then extract the voice recording and access the audio quality to determine player rewards.

A unique feature for any blockchain player to earn FD3 tokens, with terms and conditions, is one that other cryptocurrencies in the market should watch out for. It took play-to-earn (P2E) games using blockchain technology to another level.

This new play-to-earn strategy from Feed3 combines P2E with feedback-to-earn (FB2E), which can revolutionize the blockchain industry and P2E games in general. With feedback received from players, developers can determine genuine concerns and contributions and reward players who give valuable feedback that can help improve the game.

How do developers determine authentic comments using Freeda?

As simple as it may seem, it must first be decided whether the expressed concern is beneficial for Feed3, Web 3.0 and blockchain technology or not and what to reward the player. Some key factors involve the emotional undertones players have when recording, the length of the extracted audio, the precise nature of the review, and the nature of the data.

Once all of this is set in stone, developers can issue FD3 tokens to players who have expressed beneficial concerns that can improve the platform. It’s only a matter of time before the industry realizes the innovation Feed3 can provide.

Feed3 is currently on presale. Using Trust Wallet or Meta Mask, you can purchase $532 FD3 for 1 USDT. Remember to always do your research before buying a token. Use the links below to learn more.


Presale: https://feed3.io/buy

Website: https://feed3.io/buy

Telegram: https://t.me/Feed3Official

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