FIFA’s first post-EA games all involve blockchain

The world football organization FIFA remains in the world of video games. After that and EA terminated their league brand licensing agreement for the Fifa series of video games, the organization announced that it is teaming up with new partners in the video game world, all of which create games using blockchain technology.

The four companies with which FIFA is partnered are Uplandme, Matchday, Phygtl and Altered State Machine. Altered State Machine is the only one of these companies to produce an original video game, while the other three brands integrate the FIFA brand into their respective blockchain platforms.

It’s worth noting that FIFA’s new video game partners aren’t in the world of traditional sports simulation titles. The organization is committed to launch its own football simulation game by 2024, but it wasted no time researching new video game markets to license its brand.

Altered State Machine are the creators of AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 edition, a casual 4v4 football game played by AI-controlled characters. Altered State Machine’s blockchain gimmick is that players can “own” artificial intelligences related to NFTs. Altered State Machine has already used this technology in two adjacent sports titles: AIFA and Muhammad Ali: The Next Legends.

Uplandme’s metaverse platform Uplands will add a series of official FIFA World Cup digital assets (including video clips from the tournament) and recreate the official Lusail World Cup stadium and village in its in-game world. Phygtl is an application blockchain-based augmented reality that will allow players to own a “limited fragment” of a digital object.

Finally, Matchday is a blockchain-embedded “social prediction” app that uses digital trading cards to allow players to predict the outcome of matches (sounds a lot like gambling if you ask me).

FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Romy Gai called the partnerships “hugely exciting” in a statement, explaining that the organization is now able to target “digital native” football fans in spaces they are in. already active. He also boasted that web3 “would have an important role to play” in the organization’s future.

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