From MISE 45 million euros for artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things

The Fund for the development of technologies and applications of artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things was created by the 2019 finance law with a total allocation of 45 million euros. Projects can be presented that involve the implementation of industrial research, experimental development, organizational innovation and process innovation, aimed at supporting and developing technologies and applications of artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things. The decree identifies a few priority strategic sectors: industry and manufacturing, education system, agri-food, health, environment and infrastructure, culture and tourism, logistics and mobility, security and information technology and finally aerospace. For the purposes of grant eligibility, projects must include eligible expenses and costs of at least 500,000 and at most 2 million euros.

Eligible entities are companies of any size, constituted as a company and which carry out industrial activities of production of goods and services, agro-industrial, artisanal, transport, services to companies which carry out the aforementioned activities, as well as research centers. with legal personality. Large companies are not excluded as long as the project foresees effective collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) beneficiaries. Eligible subjects may also submit projects jointly, up to a maximum of five participants for each project. Concessions are granted in the form of a contribution to expenses within the limits set by Articles 25 and 29 of the RGEC Regulation. It is already possible to preload the documentation required by the call from 14 September 2022. Terms and conditions for submitting applications The grant application must be submitted, under penalty of nullity and inadmissibility, exclusively in line according to the procedure available on the Infratel Italia website, through the platform dedicated to the initiative.

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