How to start a new career in cybersecurity in 2022?

Due to the pandemic, the world is slowly shifting from the offline world to the online world. Initially, social media was used to socialize and connect with our family, friends and loved ones but nowadays businesses have also started using social media and the internet to advertise, market and connect with their customers online.

With the advent of new digital trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain Technology, Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency and Digital Marketing, there are huge chances that these technologies will be used for unethical activities.

Cryptocurrency-based scams and crimes hit an all-time high in 2021, according to a recent report by Chainalysis. Lots of such cyber crimes are happening daily in India hence there is huge demand and need for cyber security experts in India.

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, the world is short of 3 million cybersecurity professionals.

The shortage of these professionals around the world who have the ability to provide cyber leadership, test and secure data systems, and train people in digital hygiene.

So now is the best time for individuals to pursue a career in cyber security

How to start a new career in cybersecurity in 2022?

A young graduate who has just left his university life thinks of making a good career. Have a technical degree with good programming skills like Java, C++, Pythonetc can help him start his career in cybersecurity.

The year 2022 has just broken through the barriers of the pandemic and is poised to provide incredible opportunities for young minds.

A Cybersecurity Graduate can build his career in the following 5 job profiles:

  1. Cyber ​​Security Analyst
  2. Cybersecurity Consultant
  3. Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator
  4. Software developer/engineer
  5. Systems Engineer

The skills required for an individual to obtain the desired role in cybersecurity are as follows:

  • Technical skills: It is important for beginners to understand the architecture, administration and management of Windows, Linux Distros, and to master firewalls and network load balancers. Having a degree in cybersecurity will help strengthen the basics of cybersecurity.
  • Skills for problem solving: As a cybersecurity professional, one may face challenges in an existing or emerging technological environment, and having problem-solving skills will play an important role.
  • Understanding of cybersecurity policies: There are many cyber security laws and regulations that can prevent people from falling victim to cyber crimes, and so one should be aware of these laws.
  • Hacking Trends: In order to effectively protect an organization’s network and infrastructure, it is important to understand and be aware of hacking trends. This skill will not only help to understand how a system/network can be breached when needed, but also to provide creative solutions in a crisis.
  • Networking and system administration: To have a deep understanding of networking, one must start a career in cyber security and learn networking which can help in understanding the technical aspects of data transmission, which can further help in securing data. Along with this, having an inclination to understand configurations and all other aspects of computer functionality will be an added advantage.

The following cybersecurity certification courses are the most in demand and can pave the way for a great career path.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Information and Cybersecurity Certification
  • Cloud Security Professional
  • PG Diploma in Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity Certification

So, in this way, one can start a new career in cyber security in 2022 and achieve their dreams.



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