Huge opportunities for young people in AI, data, blockchain soon: Chandrasekhar

Minister of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on Saturday that the next 25 years will be the years of India’s youth and that our economic progress, expansion and our innovation leadership will be driven by youth. .

The Minister said: “After the National Education Policy 2022, the emphasis is now on not only acquiring knowledge in terms of science, social science, curriculum and education, but also on acquisition of skills and competences; vocational training and skills are integrated into the school curriculum. And it will help us succeed in our mission to elevate our youth on the world stage.”

The minister was speaking at the sixth edition of the Manav Rachna Excellence Awards (MREA) 2022 in Faridabad. He added that in 2014 an agreement was signed to manufacture electronics in India, now 6 lakh crore of electronics are manufactured here.

India currently exports $10 billion worth of electronics. In the next four years, India will export around $120 billion worth of electronics and $400 billion worth of electronic items will be manufactured in India, making India a technology-driven country in the next 25 years . He added, “Despite the Covid pandemic, our country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and even during peak Covid times, we delivered around 200 crore of vaccines to foreign countries. and empowered India (Atmanirbhar Bharat) in the difficult time when the world was preparing for the worst pandemic.

Meanwhile, India has also received the highest foreign direct investment in the world. As we all celebrate 75 years of independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav), in the next 25 years it will be the country of youth that will lead the economy of India, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream is to to make Indian youth self-reliant, future entrepreneurs.

The Minister also pointed out that in 2000 he asked P Chidambaram then Finance Minister in Parliament why 97% of the country’s banking system was borrowed by only nine families in India. Today, around 100 semiconductors and 36,000 startups are not created by families like Tata, Birla or anyone with a political background.

It is started by young entrepreneurs in India. So, in the next 25 years, India’s population will be technology-based. The minister said, “In the coming years, there will be huge opportunities for young Indians in the field of technology, artificial intelligence, data-based learning, blockchain, etc. . As the world wants to pursue the next generation, India will play a crucial role in realizing the dream of the young people. The government’s aim is to sign a priority, to shape the future of Indian youth in modern India.

He also informed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream is to have an integrated approach in the education sector, so he promotes the local language in schooling so that students do not face any obstacles to obtain education in the country. primary level.MREA 2022 were awarded across 12 pillars and achievers for their outstanding and innovative vision by the Minister in the presence of MREI Chairman Prashant Bhalla and other industry dignitaries and veterans.

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