IIT (ISM) offers cybersecurity advice to social media users


“We need to be very careful when sharing personal information on social media and should welcome requests from known people.”

Praduman Choubey



Posted 06.10.21, 21:00

The exponential increase in the number of internet users on Indian social platforms in India and the rapid evolution of technologies are bringing new challenges other than the aggravation of the existing problems of cybercrime.

Given the urgent need to improve cyber hygiene to prevent cybercrime by instilling protective habits against such crimes, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad has launched a series of awareness programs. A series of lectures on the first Wednesday of each month has been scheduled. The first lecture was given today by Ajay Kumar, a leader in cybersecurity and IT risk management.

Speaking on the occasion, Kumar said, “There is a popular adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’. With the exponential increase in the number of internet users on social media platforms in India, there is reason for us to use technology with caution. “

He added, “We need to be very careful when sharing personal information on social media and selectively welcome requests only from people we know personally and never accept a friend’s request from a stranger, etc. “

Kumar, who ran the online program, also advised conference attendees to frequently change passwords for social media accounts and also advised closing old and unused accounts.

“We should always check the privacy settings of our social media account and make sure that we only share information within our network,” Kumar said. He added that a regular check can prevent safety due to accidental modification of the setting.

Kumar also advised selecting longer passwords to make tracking difficult and further advised users to use the same password for various social media platform accounts.

IIT (ISM) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oges Solutions Pvt Ltd, one of the leading providers of artificial intelligence / machine learning based services.

This Memorandum of Understanding will help IIT (ISM) to gain AI / ML expertise in projects to respond to the Indian government’s initiative to apply advanced upstream technologies and will also expose its experts to the issues of the industry on Oges’ knowledge acquisition platform, Oges.info.

“Oges has offices in Singapore and Gurgaon (India) and is an expert in providing digital solutions to Indian companies like ONGC and Cairn (Vedanta) and to E&P companies in Oman,” said IIT Deputy Director (ISM) Shalivahan who signed the MoU on On behalf of IIT (ISM).

Oges has several AI-based solutions and has been offering its expertise in implementing the latest digital technologies to Indian E&P companies since 2015.

The MoU on behalf of Oges Solutions Pvt Ltd was signed by its Managing Director, Saurabh Srivastav.

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