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The interior of China’s Henan Province has been hit hard by torrential rains and flooding since mid-July. Shortly after the flood, the Fengyun series satellites developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) were used to acquire spatial observation data for real-time situation analysis and subsequent disaster assessment.

The FY-4B satellite, among others, has been enabled with high-frequency fast imaging mode to continuously monitor precipitation patterns and trends. In addition, Gaofen series satellites, including GF-3 and GF-6, also provided necessary services to the Department of Emergency Management and on-site rescue teams by checking local conditions and adjusting the work of relief.

In addition to transporting supplies and epidemic disinfestation, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could also be used for lighting and communication. Damaged by the floods, domestic water and electricity were cut off in many residential areas, and the Zhengzhou City water supply plant was in urgent need of repair.

As a breakthrough for 300-meter aerial work, the Tianshu-A8 docking drone was immediately deployed to undertake a 24-hour mission on video observation and electric lighting to facilitate the pool cleaning process. . Meanwhile, the Wing Loong 2H unmanned aircraft, a new face just officially unveiled, productively coordinated the restoration of the 50 square meter mobile communication network.

Improved interactions between humanity and technology

The Dolphin-1 surface rescue robot, a smart lifeboat that can carry two or three adults and reach three meters per second without a load, was transported to areas affected by the flood and powered over the water by a remote control, allowing rescuers to quickly and accurately reach out to victims.

Another type of intelligent equipment – an emergency floating bridge – was installed overnight in various forms to transfer 1,400 trapped people to Xinxiang City. It is one of the most innovative water rescue devices designed by China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC) and can be used to cope with changing conditions and relocate those affected. bridge.”

Advancement of technologies witnessing China’s development

Today, a heartbreaking flood once again put a strain on China. Only this time, the massive crowd strategy was replaced by a consolidation of human technology, which better helped Henan Province to overcome the difficulties.

The technology not only supports poverty reduction, green development and civil infrastructure, but also supports social and economic progress, not to mention its immense contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, as China has successfully isolated the world’s first strain of virus, completed viral genome sequencing, formulated and applied one billion doses of vaccine and exported nearly half of its production to help more than 100 countries.

Over the past seven decades, China has attached great importance and shown strong determination to scientific and technological innovation from a strategic and long-term perspective. China has also achieved remarkable achievements such as human spaceflight, submarine submersibles, high speed railways, super hybrid rice, artemisinin, 5G and countless world famous achievements. .

As reported by OpenGov Asia, As reported by OpenGov Asia, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has played an important role in China’s efforts to build a moderately prosperous society. China has taken a series of practical measures to promote science and technology in socio-economic development, foster innovation, support the transfer and industrialization of research results, and encourage more investment in science infrastructure. and technological.

The ministry also worked with several provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to encourage institutes in economically prosperous areas to cooperate with their counterparts in less developed western regions, and also helped technology-intensive east coast companies to establish presences. in the West. The introduction of investment, businesses and talented people has helped less developed regions to create their own high-tech industries, train local professionals and create more jobs.

In addition, cutting-edge disciplines such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum information, advanced manufacturing, brain science and aerospace technology will remain at the top of the ministry’s support list.


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