Innovative blockchain leader shares use cases and best practices

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February 7, 2022

Blockchain is a technology with an exceptionally diverse set of potential uses. It offers a high level of security, enables secure collaboration and is tamper-proof. It is an alternative to many legacy systems. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing many verticals including supply chain, healthcare, and financial services. . While cryptocurrency transactions and market caps have been popular in mass media, other non-cryptocurrency institutions like social media, entertainment, and gaming are poised to embrace the burgeoning blockchain. A leader in this industry is Mary Hall, who has worked at leading technology companies including Oracle and IBM.

An experienced chef

Mary has been working in the blockchain industry since 2015 when she was employed at IBM. She considers herself very fortunate to work alongside talented developers and clients who were early adopters of blockchain technology. This experience helped her understand the value of technology to enable real-time collaboration and share data with authorized users in real time.

Strengthen the decentralized ecosystem through deep learning

Mary shares that working directly with customers and listening to their experiences with technology has been a game changer. She learned a lot about using blockchain for sustainability, product authentication, accelerating supply chain issues, and finally, accelerating business processes, especially in the financial industry. Mary has also worked on a few blockchain-for-social-good initiatives that have helped her gain knowledge about blockchain and the different ways it can help solve societal issues, starting with tracking COVID-19 outbreaks. 19 to develop monitoring of the health of individuals and share it with doctors. staff and caregivers via mobile applications.

“Great initiatives have been taken to verify the authenticity of goods in order to prevent consumers from being deceived by counterfeit products, whether they are fashion items or food products. With blockchain apps, consumers can now scan product barcodes to get detailed ingredient descriptions and authenticity using mobile apps,” adds Mary.

Developing a business plan as the foundation for progress

Blockchain was a brand new technology when Mary started working on it in 2015. There were a lot of misconceptions about the value of blockchain implementations and how long it would take for a proof of concept to be put in place. in place and achieves measurable goals. She always recommends that implementers start by developing a business plan with goals before they start working on blockchain projects. “It is also essential that C-Suite and the developers work together on this plan so that there is organizational agreement on the goals they want to achieve. before they start the project,” notes Mary.

Passion and involvement make a perfect influencer

Mary has a real passion for blockchain technology and involvement with technology users. She has written blogs and uses cases to share real results and benefits of using blockchain. Her communication skills made her an early evangelist of the benefits of blockchain. She has spoken at high-profile events (SXSW) and is an active social media user. These platforms have been a key way for her to share her knowledge with other members of the tech community.

Combine Blockchain and AI to provide better service

Mary believes blockchain is one of many transformational technologies that have accelerated the pace of innovation. With cloud-hosted blockchain, more users can collaborate wherever they are in the world and share data with proper permissions. Blockchain and artificial intelligence can be intertwined to deliver better customer service across a variety of industries. Blockchain makes reliable data available, and AI can help automate decision-making based on that data. “It’s a very powerful combination,” says Mary.

The Evolution of Blockchain and Crypto Technologies

Mary believes the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies will continue and grow further, especially as the pandemic has accelerated the use of online, digital systems and mobile apps. “Blockchain is changing the way we do business and transforming payment and transaction methods for the future. It also changes the way consumers evaluate and buy products,” says Mary. Nowadays, customers can check how their clothes and food are prepared, and if they don’t meet their standards, they can adapt by buying different products that match their values. “With blockchain systems, organizations can eliminate paper-based processes and take advantage of legacy systems so that trusted data is accessible and easily shared among authorized parties,” says Mary.

The key to success: staying close to customers

Mary advises emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to stay close to customers and participate in blockchain consortia, including Hyperledger and others. “It’s crucial to keep learning and understanding use cases,” says Mary. She also adds that it is absolutely important to keep up to date with current industry developments.

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