Italian Fund for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things

Since September 21, 2022, grants allocated through the Fund for the Development of AI, Blockchain and IoT can be requested from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE).

The expenses for which subsidies will be granted are those for:

a. personnel employed in the project;

b. instruments and equipment;

vs. contract research, purchase and licensing of knowledge and patents, related advisory services;

D. additional overhead and other operating costs.

The total pool available is 45 million euros. It is intended for companies that carry out industrial activities for the production of goods and services, agro-industrial activities, craft activities, transport services, business services that carry out the aforementioned activities, as well as research centers with legal personality. Large companies can only obtain the benefits within the framework of a project which foresees an effective collaboration with the beneficiary SMEs.

Further details and applicable rules are available on the ministry’s website at artificial-blockchain-e-internet-of-things.

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