Key Benefits of Bachelor in Data Science and Big Data

by Analytics Insight

March 5, 2022

Data science degree programs begin with foundational courses that introduce students to data science tools and theories

Data science and big data programs combine training disciplines in statistics and mathematics with computer science. A bachelor’s degree in data science and big data enables students to perform intelligent data analysis that is an essential part of various business applications and supporting decisions. The program is designed to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the industry.

Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in data science gain the skills to help businesses, IT companies, governments, and other organizations develop strategies and make informed decisions. As the data available to industries and organizations increases, so does the demand for data science experts with the skills to use this information. Therefore, institutes continue to develop programs to meet this need, training students to use data effectively and responsibly.

Benefits of Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science and Big Data

As data science is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, it opens doors for aspiring data scientists and related professions. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in data science can help an aspirant land an entry-level job. Data science degree programs begin with foundational courses that introduce students to data science tools and theories, including working with large data sets and data visualization techniques. Some programs also offer specialization in areas such as geographic information systems.

Many bachelor’s degree programs are project-based, which means students can create portfolios to showcase to future employers. Some programs partner with local organizations to provide students with a real-world experience where they define problems, collect data, clean that data, and interpret the results. For example, Chandigarh University offers BE in Big Data and Analytics in collaboration with IBM.

There are courses like Big Data and Analytics that provide opportunities in the IT sector; with a demand for skilled technocrats in this field outpacing other IT jobs by a wider margin. Such a course recognizes the problems of daily business, applies data science for a better understanding of data-driven management decisions to gain an edge over the competition. It also provides design insights into leading analytics practices and drives iterative learning and development cycles.

A data science student who pursues his bachelor’s degree in the respective field from a recognized university is likely to be hired by leading companies like IBM, Amazon, Capgemini, TCS, Deloitte as a data scientist, data analyst data, big data engineer, data architect, or database manager.

Criteria for obtaining a bachelor’s degree

As data science career opportunities are growing rapidly in a country like India, people are enthusiastically opting for their bachelor’s degree. They opt for B.Tech, B.Sc, BE, BBA with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science and AI, or Big Data Analytics, offered by the best universities.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the above mentioned courses requires a JEE qualification or a common entrance test or some universities assess an application based on the candidate’s merit and 10+2 result. On the other hand, some universities prefer candidates who studied physics, mathematics as compulsory subjects as well as chemistry/biotechnology/computing in their 10+2. Some applicants must qualify for exams such as JEE (main), SAT, or ACT, followed by a personal interview to secure admission to these courses.

According to Analytics Insight analysis, 43.79% of universities offer data science bachelor’s or related courses on campus, 45.40% of universities offer online data science courses.

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