MarketsandMarkets Blockchain Crystal Ball Event – A revolution in progress for 30 years!

PUNE, MH, INDIA, June 14, 2022 / — The rise of Bitcoin and subsequent cryptocurrencies allowed the world to witness and begin to realize the capabilities of revolutionary Blockchain technology. The BLOCKCHAIN ​​CRYSTAL BALL EVENT MARKETS AND MARKETS scheduled for June 24 at 10:00 a.m. EST will provide a platform to explore the endless possibilities and applications of blockchain. From digital currencies and smart contracts, to use cases in elections and voting, as well as healthcare and real estate, the power of blockchain is set to be harnessed across a variety of industries worldwide. and industries.

Attend the insightful 90-minute virtual discussion exploring current trends, future disruptions, upcoming regulatory challenges, and the way forward for the much-vaunted Blockchain.


• Unlocking the Blockchain: Understand the purpose and growth of digital currencies, security tokens and crypto assets.
• Fintech and financial services in the new decade.
• Address the transition from traditional banking to digital banking.
• The biggest breakthroughs in the financial sector using Blockchain technologies.
• Role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Fintech.
• How do you see blockchain playing a central role in analyzing critical information to identify patterns that could lead to actionable intelligence to ensure authenticity and prevent fraud?
• What is your opinion on the global regulatory landscape governing the blockchain technology ecosystem? Do you think there is still overwhelming uncertainty that is hampering more investment in blockchain, which would eventually help to mainstream it? If so, what needs to change and how do you see this unfolding?


• Yassine Essalih, CSCO, IBM EUROPE
• Magnus Jones, Head of Nordic Blockchain and Innovation, EY
• Jesus Pena Garcia, Head of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, DELOITTE



20 is the new 80!
We believe that marginal factors affecting revenue and impacting business, currently seen as outliers (the 20%), will soon become an important part of revenue streams (the 80%), as digitalization and revolution technology are changing rapidly in the world. progress.

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