MIT ADT University to Offer Graduate Diploma in Data Science

PUNE, India, Dec. 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence, MIT Art, Design and Technology University is partnering with AI Beehive to jointly organize the Graduate Diploma in Data Science. Analysts predict that India will have more than 11 million job openings by 2026. A memorandum of understanding was signed on December 23, 2021 between AI Beehive and MIT ADT University to meet tech enthusiasts who want seize this golden opportunity and boost their careers. to the next level.

MIT Art, Design & Technology University, as part of its MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence (MIT-FuSE) initiative, has introduced emerging technologies such as Data Science, AI & ML, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, RPA and SAP that will help students, faculty, researchers, professionals and tech enthusiasts to improve their skills and keep abreast of rapidly changing technology. This association is another step towards their vision of becoming a preferred world-class center providing quality education that meets the demands of the future world by presenting a ready-to-use platform for timely investment in skills development today. hui for a better future tomorrow.

Dr SKSingh, Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee, former Associate Professor at the National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur and now a member of the AI-Beehive Advisory Board, said that “nowadays, due to technological progress, everything is available at your fingertips. While this is undeniably beneficial, it also comes with information overload. This abundance of information, without guarantee of credibility, can increase the level of competition and be an obstacle to the success of aspiring professionals. Therefore, teachers and institutions undertaking training in emerging technologies have a responsibility to guide students on the right information and the ethical use of technology. ” He conveyed his best wishes to the MIT FuSE team and AI Beehive.

Ms. Rupa Singh, Founder and CEO, said, “This MoU was a perfect fit because AI Beehive and MIT FuSE believe that in addition to consuming technology, the learner should be able to be a producer. technology and contribute to society. She believes that making technology accessible, a simplified approach to it is essential and the graduate degree in data science will have a mindset, concept and application approach as well as a curriculum. experience and industry-focused learning to help students better understand it and pursue their dream jobs in data science.

Mr. Arpit Yadav, chief technology officer of AI beehive and university researcher in machine learning, agrees that it is important to raise awareness about the ethical use of technology. He said, “This is the best Sangam between a big vision and a big team, a team that thrives to transform the life of a student to build a new technological revolution. Data is essential for any business because it enables them to make decisions based on trends, statistics and facts. Due to the importance of data, data science has become a multidisciplinary profession. Applicants will benefit from the Graduate Diploma in Data Science by acquiring the technical knowledge and skills necessary to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing technological world. The course duration will be 12 months, spread over three trimesters, and eligibility will be graduates of any strand with Mathematics of Class XII or equivalent. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive the Graduate Diploma in Data Science.

Professor Dr. Mangesh Karad, Executive Chairman and Vice Chancellor of MIT ADT University, said, “Today we have a massive influx of data scientists working in a variety of industries. This demand arose out of the need for brands and businesses to make efficient use of data, which could be critical for greater reach and returns. No wonder data scientists are becoming more and more important and their increased demand on the job market has maximized its popularity with Gen Z. ” He wished both AI Beehive and MIT FuSE for their initiative to to raise awareness of the ethical use of technology and to facilitate data. scientists of tomorrow. The first admission announcement was made by Dr SKSingh and details are available on the MIT-FuSE website. Professor Suraj Bhoyar, Director of the MIT FuSE Project, reiterated that “MIT-FuSE’s vision and mission transforms and helps individuals become successful professionals who will impact the economy of tomorrow. He highlighted the growing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation in the workplace, as well as the increase of remote workers and onstage workers as an important segment of the workforce. the workforce which will require constant upgrading of skills. Global certifications are included in PG degree programs to meet skill-based job demands around the world, which will surely help students, recent graduates and working professionals to overcome loss of opportunities. learning caused by the global pandemic. Dr Atul Patil, Director of the School of Holistic Development, MIT ADT University, Professor Monika Bhoyar, Professor Vilas Khedekar and Ms Smruti Shelke also attended the MoU signing ceremony.

All programs will be delivered via LMS and are accessible through an e-learning application. In January 2022, the next cohort of SAP, Data Science, Cybersecurity, AI / ML, Blockchain Technology, Robotic Process Automation and Cloud Computing will begin.

To acquire the skills of the future today for a better future, complete your applications today at by creating the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT-Pune), in 1983, which remains the flagship institute of group.

The MIT University of Art, Design and Technology of Pune was established under the MIT University of Art, Design and Technology Act of 2015 (Maharashtra Act No.XXXIX of 2015 ). The University started its operations successfully from June 27, 2016. The University is a self-funded institution empowered to award degrees under Article 22 of the University Grants Commission Act 1956. The University has a unique blend of art, design and technology. as the core of its academics.

Recently, MIT University of Art, Design and Technology, Pune achieved the following accolades: 1. Ranked 26th for ARIIA 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. from India.

2. Received a 5-star rating for exemplary performance by the Innovation Council of the Ministry of Education, Govt. from India.

3. Awarded with Best University Campus Award by ASSOCHAM, New Delhi 4. Awarded with Atal Incubation Center under ATAL Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. from India MIT Art, Design and Technology University has taken a holistic approach to delivering an education in which students are motivated to forge a complete winning personality who is “physically fit, intellectually strong, mentally alert and spiritually uplifted” . Students are encouraged to participate in yoga, meditation, physical training, spiritual upliftment, communication skills, and other personality development programs. Currently, we have more than 7500 students studying in various higher education schools of the University, viz. Engineering and technology, food technology, bioengineering, arts, design, maritime engineering, journalism and broadcasting, film and television, music (classical Hindustani vocal and instrumental), teacher training and Vedic sciences.

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