Napcoin is launching a next-generation blockchain-enabled solution to solve the global problem of sleep loss.

NapCoin is the first cryptocurrency in combination with the Napper™ that allows you to earn while you sleep. Just wear your smart Napper™ and start earning while you sleep.

NapCoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency for sleep. They are available to help you get the sleep you need and solve your sleep problems from scratch.

Join the community and monitor your sleep with your Napper™ device. Your data will be anonymously and securely monitored by the revolutionary NapCoin system to identify patterns in your sleep habits, and rewarded accordingly. Napper is a wearable device that monitors your sleep, pays you passive income while you sleep, and educates the community on the importance of rest.

Data matters! In order to create sleep disorder solutions that are personalized to you, they need data. So start recording your data now! With regular wearing of the Napper™, it’s not just a passive income opportunity, but also an opportunity for self-care.

NapCoin™ leverages advanced data analytics combined with blockchain technology to securely store and use your sleep data.

This data is used in many ways: to monitor your sleep habits, manage chronic health conditions, explore new business opportunities through partnerships, educate students about healthy habits at home and abroad, give athletes with knowledge of effective recovery techniques, helping business owners increase productivity with well-rested employees.

Sleep as an investment Their investment philosophy focuses on reinvesting profits in growth opportunities.

NapCoin is built on the avalanche blockchain. With the wallet on this blockchain, you can securely store your NapCoin, manage your account balance, track your Naps performance in real time, interact with other members of their community through social media features.

With the blockchain-powered API for sleep and sleep-related data, they are on a mission to gather and make sense of people’s sleep data.

Earn while you sleep! Get rid of drowsiness faster and live a healthier life with better sleep while easily tracking your progress.

You can now earn passive income by earning NapCoins, during the siesta and use them to bet to increase the winnings. No need to carry your phone around all day, just put it somewhere safe and enjoy. Your wallet works even if you can’t reach it!

Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology, they are developing a system that will give you the power over how much data you want to share and how – and get rewarded for it! Never miss high value opportunities again.

The latest technologies in data analysis, blockchain, artificial intelligence and statistical methods, combined with secure, protected and anonymized data, which also supports the environmental and social responsibilities of the government, make this project even more attractive .

Don’t like the idea of ​​someone snooping around in your life? U.S. too. Join their project and make sure your data remains nothing but a secret between you and NapCoin.

A world where everyone sleeps well!

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