New Data Science Minor Set to Join Computer Science Program in Fall 2022

As the university continues to make progress in expanding the range of studies available to undergraduates, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science (ECECS) is finalizing a new minor program in data science, which will be available to students. to be added to their degree from the next fall semester 2022.

The content of the new program is broad enough to be of value to undergraduate students in a wide variety of degree programs. Professor Vahid Behzadan developed the program within the Taglia College of Engineering; however, they encourage students of all colleges and degrees to consider adding this program to their studies.

The University of New Haven already offers a master’s program in data science, but the introduction of this new program will expand these areas of study to the undergraduate student population.

Studies under this program aim to broaden students’ understanding of the main areas of statistics, probability, calculus and artificial intelligence.

Behzadan said “the program provides a basic foundation in data science and trains students in the skills to work with data using computational and statistical techniques and tools as well as applying models and algorithms.”

Although this minor is applicable to a wide range of major disciplines within the university, it will be particularly complementary in its links to the fields of science, engineering, business and social sciences.

The minor is designed to be highly interactive with students, with the ability to “design and perform rigorous computational and inferential analysis for their area of ​​interest” being described by Behzadan as a core element of training in the program.

The overriding aim of the ECECS at the university is described as “to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to become proficient in today’s technology”.

Their department’s mission statement also reinforces what Behzadan said about the data science curriculum, with the goal of “preparing students from diverse backgrounds for professional practice.”

This addition to the university’s curriculum will give interested students the opportunity to study the content, which Behzadan says will give them “a working knowledge of data analysis methods and techniques, as well as the ability to think creatively. critical to the construction and implications of data analysis and models”. .”

As the program progresses through the rest of the program approval process, new information will emerge before the fall 2022 semester. given to their degree should keep an eye out for updates from ECECS and Behzadan.

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