New from Meatless Farm and Perdeberg Cellar

In #FreshOnTheShelf, we’re rounding up our selection of food and drink products that have recently appeared.

meatless farm

Plant-based brand Meatless Farm lands in South Africa. Launched in 2016 by Danish entrepreneur Morten Toft Bech, the meat alternatives company entered the market with minced meat and fresh meatless burgers in 2018 and has since become a respected brand now available in 25 countries. .

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Meatless Farm is launching in South Africa with an all-plant-based product line including ‘chicken’ burgers, ‘chicken nuggets’, ‘beef’ mince and sausages. All products are made from pea protein,

Notably, the company does not consider itself anti-meat or completely pro-vegan, but rather aims to inspire “less meat” and “flexitarians” to eat more plant-based, swapping out at least one meal per week against a meat. free option. “This choice is not only a sustainable choice, contributing to the overall well-being of the planet (on average, Meatless Farm products use 90% less land and 70-80% less water than their meat), but also an inherently good choice for overall health and well-being,” the company states.

Meatless Farm enters South Africa through Saikav Foods and OVI Investment Co, a consortium of food entrepreneurs with years of experience in the fast food, fresh and dried food industries.

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Morten Toft Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm, says, “We are committed to creating plant-based foods that deliver taste, texture and nutrition. We understand that the flexitarian market is growing in South Africa with more and more consumers thinking about what they eat, for both health and environmental reasons, and we are very happy to join their journey.

At market entry, Meatless Farm is available in select Spar and Pick n Pay supermarkets in Johannesburg and Durban and negotiations are underway for further distribution.

Cellar Perdeberg Wines of Saam

Perdeberg Cellar has launched Saam, a new range of Fairtrade certified ethical wines. Capturing the spirit of Ubuntu, Saam means “together” in Afrikaans, defining the qualities that create this new range.

#FreshontheShelf: New from Meatless Farm and Perdeberg Cellar #FreshontheShelf: New from Meatless Farm and Perdeberg Cellar

The winery’s goal with the launch of Saam as a Fairtrade brand in the local market is to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“With our existing customer base, we can bring about change for the better in an underprivileged community directly linked to the brand. Going forward, Perdeberg will provide much-needed infrastructure and skills development to empower the community as a society,” said Chantelle Boucher, Chief Marketing Officer, Perdeberg.

A total of 72 workers and 20 families who work in the wineries of the Paarl Wine Valley in South Africa are currently supported by the Fairtrade social premiums generated.

Saam Pinotage 2020 Tasting Notes (R75): Notes of prunes, cherries and ripe berries with hints of vanilla oak. The palate is filled with ripe fruit and rich tannins with a long finish

Tasting Notes Saam Cabernet 2020 (R75): Produced in a modern style to ensure early enjoyment. Aromas of cassis, blueberries and undertones of mocha are evident on the nose while soft, smooth tannins create a velvety mouthfeel for a rich, lingering finish.

Saam is available at Pick ‘n Pay Liquor.

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