No, Aptos Blockchain is not hacked

Vladislav Sopov

A scammer launched a phishing website that targets users of “Solana killer” Aptos (APT)


  • “Solana killer” Aptos is not broke: Do not fall for this scam
  • New blockchains targeted by dozens of scam campaigns

The service is designed to help cryptocurrency users withdraw authorization for transactions (or allocations) on major on-chain services. Here’s how criminals try to scam crypto users with a copy of this service.

“Solana killer” Aptos is not broke: Do not fall for this scam

Today, November 12, 2022, fraudsters launched a Twitter campaign focused on the community of the new Aptos blockchain (APT). APT holders are advised to check if the “attackers” have access to their wallets.

Scammers launched a phishing copy of the Revoke Cash service
Picture via Twitter

Needless to say, the Aptos blockchain (APT) has never been hacked. Also, despite supporting more than 30 networks, the service does not yet support the Aptos (APT) blockchain.

To confuse APT holders, scammers have launched a website that closely mirrors the design of the legitimate service and its corresponding Twitter account. The fraudsters created similar names for the website and the Twitter account: they used e instead of e, and a instead of y.


According to data from public whois services, the fraudulent website has been running for at least 24 hours and was registered through an anonymous US registrar.

New blockchains targeted by dozens of scam campaigns

Typically, these websites are designed to steal passwords and key phrases from blockchain accounts as well as spread Trojans and other malware.

As such, it is best to avoid any interaction with clone websites, let alone share any personal data or blockchain account details with them.

As previously reported by U.Today, next-gen blockchains like Aptos (APT), Sui Network and others are being targeted by aggressive scams.

Fake airdrop campaigns are the most common type of scam here. Inspired by the success of airdrop recipients Optimism (OP) and Aptos (APT), users seek similar opportunities and fall victim to scammers.

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