NVIDIA Brings Artificial Intelligence to Lightroom at Adobe MAX



Adobe MAX 2021 kicks off today, October 27, and with it, Adobe is introducing new features to its Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps. Creative Cloud is also expanding to the web and incorporating new sharing features to make design collaboration even easier.

NVIDIA unveiled new features in its Studio drivers specifically designed for professionals and creatives at the Adobe MAX conference. Among the new features, NVIDIA unveiled the addition of AI-powered features of NVIDIA RTX graphics cards in Adobe Lightroom.

NVIDIA Brings Artificial Intelligence to Lightroom at Adobe MAX

New features in Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Classic bring the power of artificial intelligence to more creatives. The new Select Subject masking tools, which isolates people, and Select Sky, which captures the sky, harness the AI ​​of NVIDIA RTX cards. They can save artists a lot of time.

New neural network filter

Remember the neural network filter released last year? This Photoshop workspace includes non-destructive filters powered by Sensei artificial intelligence to help creatives simplify tedious workflows. Create in seconds with a single click or slider adjustment.

This year, Adobe is launching a new beta version of Neural Network Filters, as well as a feedback tool to collect user suggestions for continuous functionality improvements.

NVIDIA presented a new set of tutorials at the event. These new tutorials are led by Creating RTX Beads with Substance 3D and NVIDIA Omniverse. In this presentation, Jacob Norris, Lead Environment Artist at NVIDIA, will explain how the playable demo of Marbles RTX was created in less than two months, explain how to use the features of Substance 3D Painter and share his tips for creating interactive mini-games. with a hyperrealistic look and feel generated in real time using NVIDIA Omniverse.

The company will present a series of tutorials at Adobe MAX. Here’s what you can expect from them:

  • Work faster with real-time ray tracing and AI in Adobe Substance.
  • Unmask AI! Learn about the new masking tools in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Create stunning environments in seconds with NVIDIA Canvas.

In addition to new software releases that all users can enjoy by simply downloading the latest GeForce Experience driver, new NVIDIA laptops and NVIDIA Studio systems have also been unveiled, specially designed to meet the needs of both professional and creative ASUS users, HP, and Microsoft.

Hover over the Auto Mask object selection tool

The performance of the updated Object Selection Tool has been significantly improved. Now just hover over the image you want to select and Photoshop will automatically detect the desired object and select it with just one click. The Selection tool now detects most objects in an image with improved accuracy and the ability to show more detail around the edges of objects. This functionality will be further improved in the future as Sensei, the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, is updated to help you identify more categories of objects.

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NVIDIA has announced that it will reveal more information about Studio during NVIDIA GTC, November 8-11.


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