Official calls for contemporary learning like AI and cybersecurity


Secretary of Universities and Councils Mureed Rahimo said NED University Aptitude Test is mainly passed by undergraduate and middle school students in Karachi school councils but the results of these tests of students from rural Sindh are not not satisfactory.

“We need to think about this criterion,” he said at a ceremony held to honor post holders in the Karachi Board of Secondary Education (BSEK). “Our children are on a 40 to 50 year old school curriculum, which is like learning history, while we need to impart knowledge on contemporary developments like artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity,” he said. he adds.

On occasion, the incumbents have also addressed the media.

Abdul Rahman from the Islamic Institute for Education, who got the 1st position in the matrix science group, said that while it is true that female students study more than male students, boys can succeed if they are willing to put in the effort required. He added that the exams this time include more multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which makes it easier for young, studious people to secure the numbers.” Rahman said he wanted to be an engineer.

Rabia Chapra, a student of Al-Badar School and second incumbent, said whoever tries hardest gets jobs. She said being a chartered accountant was her career goal.

Alizah Samdani, a student of St Joseph’s School and holder of the third post, said that Covenant schools have a strong emphasis on education. “My school is also based on the Cambridge system. This educational system is better than matriculation because it emphasizes students’ thinking skills and knowledge.”

She said she wanted to become a doctor.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 10e2022.

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