PoorToRich Finance Decentralized marketplace combining blockchain and artificial intelligence to increase passive income

Ever since cryptocurrency became a means of transaction for the common man, the need for a secure decentralized platform arose? Although there are some, none offer all the necessary features. But, the wait is finally over with the release of PoorToRich!

PoorToRich is a platform designed to meet all your requirements. Whether you transact regularly or occasionally, the user-friendly and hassle-free platform is tailored to everyone’s needs.

PoorToRich is built on the Binance blockchain and uses smart contracts to facilitate transactions between users. It also incorporates AI (artificial intelligence) to ensure transparency. Our goal is to become your one stop solution for all digital asset needs and provide a safe and secure environment for transactions.

In a conventional market, user data such as credit card details, address and other critical information is stored in the database. And with cyberattacks occurring more frequently than ever, you’re still at risk. A simple Google search would suffice to understand the number of cyberattacks in a given day and their impact on the user. That’s why you need to switch to a platform like PoorToRich that guarantees security and privacy.

Let’s come to the decentralized aspect of PoorToRich and how it is beneficial for the user. A centralized market usually has an intermediary, and the more parties involved, the higher the transaction costs. Thus, with PoorToRich, you can make transactions at a lower cost. In addition, since there is only the buyer and the seller involved in the transaction, these are much faster.

Security is another major concern, and a decentralized marketplace like PoorToRich also helps ensure that. With no third party involvement, the chances of it being compromised are close to zero. So, by cutting out middlemen, we aim to provide our users with a safe and secure environment at lower transaction fees.

Additionally, all payments on PoorToRich are made through our native $PTR token. To acquire it, all you have to do is exchange your current digital currency for $PTR. Total supply will be capped at 10 million. You can learn more about the $PTR token on our official website.

Token holders are rewarded not only with static rewards, but also with use cases, daily redemptions, and burns. Additionally, a 3% redemption fee is levied on each transaction, which is split among all token holders. Think of it as a stock market dividend. When the company makes a profit, part of it is distributed among the shareholders. In addition, the token gives you access to our products and services.

Another major concern among investors is carpet pulling, where developers of a crypto after raising capital abandon the project and run away. And it is a legitimate concern since it accounts for over 37% of all cryptocurrency scams. A common question from investors, how do we plan to eliminate the risk of this happening? 97% of our tokens are secured with Anti-Rug, so your investments are safe with PoorToRich.

Moreover, with an APY (annual percentage return) in play, your investments will not stagnate but accrue interest over a period of time. So even if your token share is just lagging, there is bound to be an increase in the main investment.

PoorToRich is a diverse marketplace offering goods and services to consumers. It is the first platform of its kind to have emerged and derives its motivation from our idea of ​​serving users. Also, with the ability to live chat with the other party on the platform itself, there is an added sense of security here.

Apart from these aspects, we are PoorToRich aim to provide transparency and liquidity. Transparency here refers to how the blockchain is open source allowing anyone to add information to it that can be viewed by anyone. Liquidity is the ability to sell an asset at the original price where the transaction itself does not affect the cost of the asset.

PoorToRich will also have an NFT market where you can buy and sell them. So if you’ve been planning on creating NFTs but just can’t find the right platform, here’s your chance to make big bucks from our diverse marketplace.

We also intend to have a featured ads section where the seller can market their product and increase their visibility. At PoorToRich, you don’t have to find a buyer, but they’ll likely be queuing up for your product. However, a small fee would be charged for showing your ads.

At PoorToRich, we have so far adhered to the original schedule and expect to have a functional NFT marketplace by Q3, a mobile app and listing on various platforms by the last quarter of 2022.

PoorToRich strives to revolutionize the market by providing easy to use tools and a simple and straightforward user interface. Your search for an all-in-one decentralized marketplace, with products ranging from real estate to goods and services, ends with the launch of PoorToRich.

To learn more about PoortoRich visit PoortoRich.finance


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