Ensure that organizational data/information is fully utilized and translates into a valuable digital asset for the business and oversee the analysis/science and business intelligence of organizational data.

Lead a team to carry out strategic design and maintenance of business intelligence system and applications and data analysis to help the organization improve business decision-making capabilities, supporting new ways of working to maximize value creation through the use of accurate, real-time data.

Lead a team to effectively produce and deliver business intelligence through the proactive conversion and transformation of data into insights, insights and insights, the outcome to influence future thinking and decision-making at a strategic level , operational and tactical, which will help the organization to make better decisions based on facts

Stakeholder management is essential in this position and will require building and managing important relationships in order to understand the requirements of each of the divisions and to influence and manage the delivery of these.
Main responsibilities

Lead and manage a team specializing in data science, analytics and business intelligence.

Lead the team to develop and implement dashboards, analytics [including predictive]standard reports, proactive notifications when defined tolerance levels are exceeded and monitors and evaluates customer satisfaction

Ongoing assessment of existing data storage/warehousing, operating platforms and analytical systems to ensure capabilities meet current and future business requirements

Custodian of producing enterprise-wide information that is accurate and predictive, and able to meet the demands of more than one dimension of the organization.

Present and explain technical information and challenges in the field of business intelligence, in a way that is easy to understand at all levels.

Develop and implement a data governance framework and metrics standard to ensure relevant customer data is collected and managed end-to-end and model analytics on leading and lagging key performance indicators (KPIs) are provided

Lead the team to provide trending and pattern analysis on advanced and lagging KPIs that can influence future direction and decision making

Provide guidance to the team to create and create self-service data visualizations and dashboards for real-time use as needed by the organization and review them to ensure they are built with futuristic capabilities

Ensure organizational data integrity by processing, sanitizing and verifying data used for analysis.

Influence stakeholders to ensure best practices in project planning and visual display of required data, through high-level specialization within the BI sector.

Manage and influence project implementation for the organization ensuring that the most critical divisions are prioritized and do not negatively impact other divisions
Data mining using state-of-the-art technology.

Extend data collection procedures to include information relevant to building analytical systems
Use new digitization techniques, such as machine learning, algorithms, and artificial intelligence to collect and present data.

Use cutting-edge business intelligence technologies/tools to visually present data/information

Liaise constantly with various organizational and external stakeholders to determine data/information needs
Formalize data use and management policies and procedures

Collaborate with the team of data scientists and analysts to develop data analysis strategies, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement those changes to achieve specific business goals.

Custodian of all company data/information. Position data as a critical asset used to gain competitive advantage

Ensure process automation to simplify access to required data by all stakeholders, reviewing data information and reports and liaising with stakeholders at all levels to ensure expectations are met. have been reached

Provide leadership in developing and implementing a data governance framework and standard metrics to ensure relevant customer data is collected and managed end-to-end

Ensure the team leverages the data warehouse to find important statistics and facts that can help provide a true picture of data integrity and provide feedback to the various divisions with a recommended cleanup plan.

Qualifications (formal qualifications)

Relevant postgraduate degree in an analytical or qualitative field (such as statistics, engineering or information technology/computer science/computer engineering)
An MBA or additional financial qualification would be an advantage

Experience: (Knowledge, length of experience and skills required to perform the job competently)

At least 10 years of experience in a data analysis/science function
At least 5 years of leadership/management experience providing data analytics and dashboards
Knowledge and experience in a portfolio of data analysis/scientific work performed in previous roles.
Experience and knowledge of the financial sector will be an added advantage
Solid knowledge and experience in data science, analytics and business intelligence.
In addition to static data analysis, the incumbent must be able to use forecasting, trending, scenario, simulation and other progressive data analysis methods.
Previous experience in quantitative analysis or data modeling
Deep understanding of predictive modeling
Knowledge and experience with QlikView and Microsoft Power BI or Tableau SAP, Qlikview and other technology systems and their impact on business
Meticulous and systematic with detail and an expert in processing large volumes of data into meaningful insights
Ability to present and explain information for business decision making at all levels
Ability to combine strong analytical skills with business knowledge
Proven excellence in planning and execution
Ability to simplify and explain highly technical information

Technical skills

Analytical/diagnostic skills
Business/commercial acumen
Perspectives and customer focus
Formulate strategies and concepts
Report writing skills
Project management skills
Problem solving
Create & Innovate

Ability to engage stakeholders at a high level
Critical thinking (strong troubleshooting skills)

Behavioral skills

Good communication skills
Dealing with pressures and setbacks
Negotiate and influence
Decide and initiate.
Stakeholder management
Plan and organize

Desired skills:

  • Data Analysis/Science
  • Quantitative analysis or data modeling
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • TableauSAP

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