Teaching artificial intelligence, data science online for 3 years, KIMS planning offline lessons

by Maleeha Sofi

SRINAGAR: The Kashmiri Institute of Mathematical Science (KIMS) will now teach both online and offline. The initiative which introduced new study models in Kashmir has been online since 2019.

Members of the Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Sciences (KIMS) at a meeting in Srinagar in October 2022

On October 13, 2022, KIMS members had a long brainstorming session at Aspire Heritage School to design the future course of action to make high-end, high-paying professional courses popular. Dr. Rukhsaan ul Haq, who is a scientist at IBM, led the discussions.

The meeting brought together many renowned teachers, researchers and postgraduate and undergraduate students from various scientific backgrounds. They shared their experiences and expressed their opinions on the current education system and the current net deficit. They made suggestions to make the new courses popular.

KIMS has been teaching students various courses in artificial intelligence, data science, and Python online for three years. They guided the students and mentored them personally. KIMS includes diverse researchers from mathematical and physical backgrounds who have immense contributions to their own fields and have a group to mentor the next generation. Most of them are professionals serving different organizations.

Now they want to start teaching offline. They plan to reach students at the school level and make new courses popular by sensitizing principals and classes to market conditions and the appetite for new courses.

Literally responsible for spreading awareness of the various career options available worldwide in new fields, KIMS said it will eliminate the general public’s misconceptions about certain career options.

They intend to popularize the career options mainly in Mathematics and Physics and later in other fields as well. They plan to do a teacher training program where they will train teachers on artificial intelligence, data science, computation and other related subjects. Teachers will then be able to transfer knowledge to their students. Their vision is to see all students equipped with knowledge about diversity in science in the years to come.

Over the past three years, they have concluded a number of activities to execute their plan on the ground, such as compiling a math book for elementary school students and setting up physics labs in each district. which will be open to everyone for experiments among other plans.

KIMS is the first institute in Kashmir to teach data science, computation and experimentation. There are only a few such institutes in India. KIMS plans to be the one among all.

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