Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) Partners with Voltage to Run a Bitcoin Lightning Node

RICHARDSON, TX, USA, May 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) is running a Bitcoin Lightning Node with help from the team at Tensiona Trammell Venture holding company. The TBC will run a full lighting node to transact for membership dues, payments for networking events, and merchandise sales. The Lightning Network is a decentralized collection of nodes processing real Bitcoin transactions using payment channels to increase transaction efficiency. Key benefits include the ability to accept micropayments while providing speed, scalability, security, and reduced transaction costs.

Voltage, a Trammell Venture portfolio company, is an enterprise-grade bitcoin infrastructure and service provider. Voltage will provide BTCPay server, cloud hosting, security and privacy solutions to ensure proper routing and management of payment solutions.

This initiative builds on TBC’s partnership with Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker to help Fort Worth become the first city in the United States to mine Bitcoin. The TBC donated 3 Bitcoin mining machines to the city as part of a 6-month pilot program.

Company Profiles:

Voltage is an infrastructure provider for Bitcoin that brings enterprise-grade services to Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies. The company bridges the gap between simple and fast cloud infrastructure and the security and privacy required by Bitcoin. With a focus on modern tools and processes, Voltage enables consumers to build, deploy and scale faster. The platform can serve a wide variety of customers. Whether it’s one node or thousands of nodes, Voltage can help.

Trammell Venture Partners
Trammell Venture Partners is an Austin-based venture capital firm focused on investing in
start-up and early-stage tech startups in three core technology areas: Bitcoin native technologies, applied artificial intelligence, and security and privacy technologies.

Texas Blockchain Council
The Texas Blockchain Council is a nonprofit industry association made up of companies and individuals who work in a variety of industries related to bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain technology. The Texas Blockchain Council is working to make the state of Texas the jurisdiction of choice for blockchain innovation.

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