The best artificial intelligence stocks to buy in October 2021



Artificial intelligence is showing its inevitable functions through AI models in several industries around the world in recent years. There is a strong incentive for tech companies to leverage artificial intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the market with increased customer satisfaction and better customer engagement when manufacturing AI models. Investors tend to be in a risky position in the cryptocurrency market due to its volatility with cryptocurrency prices. But artificial intelligence stocks offer stability to generate higher income in the near future that is focused on technology. So, let’s explore some of the best AI stocks in October to provide income growth for investors.

The best artificial intelligence stocks to buy in October

Persistent systems

Market capitalization: US $ 271.77 billion

Persistent Systems is one of India’s most popular technology companies and artificial intelligence stocks for investors in October 2021. It is known as a trusted partner in digital engineering and business modernization. It offers a wide range of services such as digital business strategy, digital product engineering, CX innovation and optimization, data driven business and intelligence, identity, access and intelligence. privacy, and basic IT modernization in the technological field on AI models. It provides these services to many sectors such as banking, financial services and insurance, health and life sciences, industry, software and high technology, as well as telecommunications and media. Recently, this tech company announced a dedicated payments business unit and an expansion of cloud capabilities through strategic acquisitions while leveraging artificial intelligence.


Market capitalization: US $ 245.32 billion

Oracle was one of the well-known AI stocks in October that outperformed the tech market on a good trading day. It offers a wide range of products such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud applications. The infrastructure includes software, hardware, and featured products on AI models, while the applications include cloud applications, industry solutions, NetSuite, and on-premises applications. It provides these services to several sectors such as automotive, communications, construction and engineering, consumer goods, financial services, hospitality, government and education, retail and many more. ‘others. Thus, the artificial intelligence action of this tech company is stable to generate higher income after its purchase in October 2021.

Zensar Technologies

Market capitalization: US $ 108.86 billion

Another AI stock that investors can buy in October 2021 is Zensar Technologies. This AI stock in October is a technology consulting services company for more than 130 large companies. He offers expertise in the conceptualization, design, engineering and management of digital products through artificial intelligence innovation in AI models. It serves multiple industries such as high tech, banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare and many more.


Market capitalization: US $ 10.21 billion

TD SYNNEX is a popular AI action in October to deliver business process services by leveraging artificial intelligence. It provides system components, consumer electronics, virtual distribution, online services, cloud services, marketing services, telemarketing campaigns and many more. The tech company is known for delivering technology products, services and solutions to the world through cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The commercial counter

Market capitalization: US $ 33.71 billion

The Trade Desk is one of the leading artificial intelligence actions that operates a cloud-based self-service platform to enable consumers to create and optimize data-driven digital advertising campaigns. This tech company holds huge growth potential in October as investors observed it continues to benefit from mobile and desktop advertising rather than radio and print media, in line with the digital transformation.

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