ThirdEye Gen, a leading artificial intelligence company, presents limitless applications of its technology

ThirdEye Gen, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and AR/MR, is on the cusp of an innovative breakthrough, releasing wearable computing technology that will change the landscape of tech-enabled experiences.

Lately, ThirdEye’s company has launched a set of smart glasses, which seek to provide warehouses with more imaginative ways to transform their picking processes, inventory management and warehouse navigation to make them more efficient. Their platforms serve and support corporate organizations and diverse workers in field services, healthcare, first responder teams, aerospace, defense, transportation, utilities and energy to become more efficient and productive on critical tasks. Additionally, the company’s inventions create the next generation of mixed reality glasses and augmented/mixed reality software. At home and in business, augmented reality is changing the way people see the world.

ThirdEye’s smart glasses bring a new era of hands-free wearable computing and human interaction by directly interacting with surrounding objects by placing interactive and digital information directly into the user’s field of vision.

Nick Cherukuri is an American technology entrepreneur and the founder and current CEO of ThirdEye Gen. In 2019, Cherukuri was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 for business technology.

ThirdEye was recently identified as a key player in Industrial IT’s AR market study titled “Global Augmented Reality Technology Market Scope 2022-2027: Industry Growth, Business Opportunity, and Leading Players”. The study analyzes market data from 2016 to 2020, provides forecasts to 2026, and discusses AR market trends and drivers.

“We’re taking AI and AR to new heights,” says ThirdEye Gen’s founder. As a first step towards innovation, they have already designed and provided wearable smart glasses to healthcare professionals with easy access to digital information, including patient history, test results and patient care instructions. . The smart glasses are being used in hospitals across the country and helped in the fight against Covid last year.

“Suppose a certain project requires 50 different tasks to complete. Instead of carrying around a textbook or staring at your phone over and over while you have to use your hands to get work done, now you can have your hands free and get the entire to-do checklist. displayed live in your field of vision. Additionally, you can mark each task as complete and the team [on-site or at the home office] can also see the progress of a task,” says ThirdEye’s innovative CEO.

With their recent breakthroughs and upcoming technology releases, they attract Metaverse NFT holders, tech geeks, and other affiliates. ThirdEye’s headset design is sleek, comfortable, and space-saving. They made sure their design came from market and customer research, making sure their gears were one size fits all.

Nick and the team at ThirdEye’s prioritization of design and user needs resulted in user-centric product alignment and design. Next, Nick hopes to start exploring the growing Crypto and NFT market. But for now, he and his team will focus on bringing them to every home in the world through their technological innovations.

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