Top 10 Biggest Data Science Conferences To Attend In 2022


by Aratrika Dutta

January 5, 2022

The best data science conferences are a great place to network, learn about new data tools and in-depth data science

The best data science events and conferences can be a great place to network, discover new tools, hone your skills, and even discover best practices to make your work life easier. You will learn about new technologies, techniques and personal experiences with data challenges and how they are resolved. In addition, you will receive practical tips and recommendations for your data-related business difficulties. You will have the opportunity to network with your peers at these conferences. This article lists the top data science conferences to attend in 2022.


Dates: April 5-6, 2022

Location: Online

The NLP Summit is the meeting place for those who put cutting edge natural language processing to good use. This inaugural virtual conference showcases NLP best practices, real-world case studies, the challenges of applying deep learning and transfer learning in practice – and the latest libraries, models and open source transformers that you can use today. The NLP Summit brings together the growing NLP community interested in creating applications for understanding languages ​​used in healthcare, life sciences, finance, e-commerce, media, recruiting, and more.

Big Data and Data Science

Dates: March 4 to March 5, 2022

Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain

“Exploring innovative solutions for data analysis is the main objective of the conference. Big data analytics, big data algorithms, big data technology, big data applications and artificial intelligence will all be explored here.

A conference on neuroscience, data mining using big data, and research goals and initiatives will be organized. On various themes there will be seminars, conferences and group discussions.

Data Summit

Dates: May 21 to May 22, 2022

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

This data conference is for you if your business is data-driven. Attending this seminar will provide you with practical business tips and tactics.

This three-day seminar will provide you with practical advice and training. You will hear about the creative methods employed by large enterprises at this conference, as well as how they approach the challenges of managing data.

Anyone interested in technical topics, technological advancements, or the use of big data for BI, analytics and strategy is welcome. Software developers, project managers, data analysts, database administrators, data architects and data scientists will benefit.

TDWI Conference and Leadership Summit

Dates: November 11 to November 16, 2022

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

You will hear from industry professionals about data challenges. New technologies and techniques will be discussed during the conference. But it’s not just about new technologies; you will also be able to find answers to your data problems.

Data architecture and management, modern database administration, analytical insights, data planning and leadership are some of the topics covered.


Dates: November 17 to November 20, 2022

Location: Singapore

This is a conference on data analysis research. Sessions, seminars and tutorials will be organized.

This conference is open to researchers, application developers and advisers interested in data mining. The event will discuss in depth data mining methods, software, systems and applications.

BDA 2022

Dates: November 27, 2022

Location: London, UK

Two sessions will be organized. Building an agile, flexible and robust big data architecture, recognizing patterns in unstructured and structured data, and improving business planning and decision making are all topics covered in the first session.

In short, it will explain how to get the most out of business data. The second session will focus on overcoming major obstacles and increasing efficiency.

Data Science Fair

The Data Science Salon is a unique, vertically focused data science conference that has grown into a diverse community of seasoned data science, machine learning, and other technical specialists. The Data Science Salon community meets face-to-face and virtually to learn, shed light on best practices and innovate new solutions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Convergence 2022

Date: March 2, 2022

Location: Online

Learn from leaders who drive innovation with machine learning, who have faced development challenges, and who have been successful in creating business value through machine learning. At this virtual event, you will learn about emerging tools, approaches, and workflows that can help you effectively manage an ML project from start to finish.

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit

Date: March 14-17, 2022

Location: Orlando, Florida

The Gartner Data and Analytics Summit addresses the significant challenges that data analytics leaders face as they create the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future. The event focuses on creating data and analytics strategies that enable digital acceleration, deep dive into trends, and data and analytics tools that will change organizations and leadership skills to build a resilient, adaptable and data-savvy organization.


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