Top 10 Data Science Courses That Will Help Improve Business


by Satavisa Pati

November 30, 2021

These courses will definitely help you improve your business.

Data science has proven to be a very fruitful subject for business experts, as skillful management of data can bring the most benefits to businesses. Currently, many business management students are also taking data science courses to have a comprehensive skill set for their operations. Here are the 10 best data science courses people should take to help improve their businesses.

Advanced-Data Science for managers at IIM Kozhikode

Duration: 1 year every Sunday

IIM Kozhikode offers advanced data science for managers to acquire sufficient knowledge of data science through live sessions. This data science course provides in-depth information on data management, data analysis, and machine learning algorithms. This online course helps business executives and aspiring data scientists improve their data science proficiency levels. Business leaders can develop their data-driven mindset with hands-on experience with real-world data sets from industry experts.

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Data Science for Business Leaders Executive Program at Udacity

Duration: 4-8 weeks

Udacity is known for offering a data science program for business leaders for business executives. This data science course provides strategic decision-making skills for business leaders to harness the power of data science. The prerequisites for business leaders are knowledge of statistics, probability and business experience. There are real world projects from industry experts with support from a technical mentor in this online data science course.

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Executive Data Science Specialization at Coursera

Duration: 2 months

Coursera’s Executive Data Science Specialization helps business leaders generate top-notch analytics like data scientists in four courses. Business leaders need to know how to start and run a data science business. This is an online data science course with a flexible schedule and hands-on projects. Four courses include crash course in data science, data science team building, data analytics management, real life data science.

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Professional Certificate in Data Science for Executives at

Duration: 4 months and Columbia University offer a Professional Certificate in Data Science for executives to gain sufficient knowledge of the history of data science, the fundamental methods used by data scientists, the main components of IoT and the process in which data scientists use NLP to extract relevant data. data from multiple sources. There are three self-paced speed-building skill-building classes.

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Data Science for Business at Harvard Business School Online

Duration: 10-17 weeks

Harvard Business School Online offers one of the best data science courses known as Business Data Science for Business Executives. They can broaden their business skills as well as select an area such as Business Essentials, Analysis, Leadership and Management, Finance and Accounting, and many more. There are three featured courses such as Certification of Readiness, Design and Innovation, and Strategy Execution.

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Advanced Data Science Program at IIM Calcutta

Duration: 1 year

IIM Calcutta is a reputable educational institute offering an advanced data science program for business executives. This data science course provides different tools and techniques used for effective data management. The course curriculum covers practical experience with the introduction to software for organizational or complete projects in different departments such as marketing, finance and operations.

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Data Science for Business Leaders at Udemy

Duration: 8.5 hours

Udemy offers one of the best online data science courses for business leaders known as data science for business leaders with a no-code introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence as a business capability. This course includes five key parts, such as defining technologies, identifying use cases, qualifying use cases, building an ML skill, and strategic takeaways.

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Data Science for Business at Datacamp

Duration: 2 hours

Data Science for Business is a data science course tailored for business leaders at Datacamp. The course includes 14 videos and 51 exercises with sufficient knowledge of data management, data analysis, data visualization and many more. Business leaders will learn different varieties of complex real-life applications through hands-on experiences and projects.

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Executive Program in Data Science at Great Learning

Duration: 5 months

Great Learning offers a Data Science Executive Program with top-notch learning materials and collaborative delivery with Great Lakes. The Data Science Course for Business Executives is conducted with live virtual classes with the basics, techniques, visualization and insights of data science.

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