Top 10 Most Trusted Data Science Companies in India in 2022

by manasa.g

January 28, 2022

Here are the biggest data science companies in India that are expected to make a breakthrough

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and information from structured and unstructured data and apply actionable knowledge and information from data in a wide range of application areas. There are many data science companies around the world. Data science is related to data mining, machine learning and big data. It is a concept for unifying statistics, data analysis, computer science and their related methods to “understand and analyze real phenomena” with data. Data scientists use techniques and theories drawn from many fields in the context of mathematics, statistics, computer science, information data science and many others. Data science is now dominating the world with its various applications in various industries. It now plays a vital role in making profits. Combining AI, ML and many other technologies, Data Scientists create wonders and deliver the best results. Data science issues are not just about data science, but also machine learning, artificial technology, data mining, and big data. Here are the top data science companies in India that you should all know about.

Leading Indian data science companies:

Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs

Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs encourage employee growth and development through training and foster innovation within teams. This company has a well-structured work environment where young data scientists can have the chance to work with top data scientists.

Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics encourages its employees to effectively use and be productive in their vast data science to define strategies and deliver solutions.

Fractal Analysis – Gurgaon

The Fractal Analytics company aims to help businesses grow through data-driven decisions. It encourages its data scientists to develop a specific analytical approach for different client needs, thereby enabling each member of the team to be innovative and giving everyone an equal opportunity.

Pencil data – Chennai

Crayon Data company has a large database to provide tailor-made solutions for different customers. Crayon Data has received various awards and accolades.


BRIDGEI2I encourages its Data Scientist to continuously learn and grow from every project and problem. It promotes career advancement and is committed to developing its employees based on their skills and abilities.

Cartesian Council – Calcutta

This company has an impact-oriented approach, which further contributes to the development of the skills of scientists. This allows their data scientists to engage in running the business to better understand problems and provide better solutions.

Latent view

Latent View encourages data scientists to have a 360° view of every project to enable clients to optimize investment decisions and forecast latest revenue streams as well as predict product trends.

Trained data

DataTrained is totally committed to enhancing the interests of its employees. It also plays a major role in developing the skills of its data scientists and providing them with opportunities to learn and work with the company’s business partners.


Datalicious has a wide range of areas but mainly on marketing strategies with a number of 50 data scientists. It promotes the growth and development of its employees by engaging in different companies, from startups to well-established companies.


IBM, a well-known and renowned company, plays a vital role in encouraging data scientists to be creative in delivering effective solutions to customers. He is involved in maintaining large amounts of data, thus providing advice and different solutions to his clients.

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