Top 10 Profitable Data Science Tools Used in Businesses in 2022


by Disha Sinha

January 6, 2022

Businesses want to leverage cost-effective data science tools for efficient data management

There is immense growth in the adoption of data science and data science tools in several industries across the world, especially in business. Data science tools in enterprises drive revenue and long-term customer engagement in the competitive market. The integration of data science and artificial intelligence has enabled automation and efficient management of data. Companies with data science tools have started offering several end-to-end data science solutions to customers. So, let’s explore some of the ten most profitable data science tools for use in businesses in 2022.

Top Ten Profitable Business Data Science Tools


Tensorflow is one of the cost effective data science tools to use in a business. It is known as an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It helps a business with data science tools, libraries, and easy model building. This data science tool provides the first neural network, recommender systems, generative contradictory networks and many more.


Microsoft PowerBI is one of the popular data science tools in business that creates interactive and immersive dashboards and reports to generate deep and meaningful insights for a business. It enables companies to retrieve information from huge data sets using Business Intelligence. Businesses can receive enterprise-wide self-service analytics with intelligent tools while effectively protecting all analytics data.


Another highly profitable enterprise data science tool for the deep learning framework is PyTorch. Businesses with data science tools are always production ready with TorchScript and scalable distributed training in a robust ecosystem. It is known to accelerate the shift from research prototyping to production deployment.


Alteryx is known as the only business intelligence platform with self-service data preparation and agile predictive modeling. Businesses with a data science tool can change the future with Alteryx analytics automation. This cost-effective data science tool offers a wide range of products with data science, such as Alteryx APA platform, location and enterprise datasets, intelligence suite, machine learning, the designer cloud and many more.

Lumens data

Lumen Data is one of the enterprise data science tools for turning data complexity into business strategies. He has extensive experience in the life cycle of enterprise data management to effectively unleash corporate values. It contributes to effective data governance and data traceability with technical know-how. It is popular for reducing costs, improving data-driven insight, and automating business processes.


Tableau is another cost-effective data science tool that helps businesses understand valuable data. It provides a modern analytics platform across the world with data culture and technology. It is customer-centric innovation with integrated visual best practices. The data science platform is flexible with multiple choices, governance and security, as well as integration and extensibility. There is a wide range of products for a business such as Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online, and Tableau mobile.


Companies with data science tools use Trifacta’s data preparation products to deliver best-in-class solutions to the data-driven market. Trifacta offers self-service data preparation solutions for efficient data exploration and management. Companies benefit from Trifacta’s business and decision-making expertise. It offers an open data engineering platform to connect to any data, multi-cloud support, flexible execution, universal connectivity, and API-driven workflow with active data profiling and intelligent sampling.


RapidMiner helps integrate business intelligence and data science with its RapidMiner data science platform. It generates revenue, reduces costs and eliminates potential risks. It provides opportunities to unify the entire data science lifecycle, from data readiness to machine learning and predictive model operations. Organizations with data science tools can benefit from enterprise-wide collaboration, decision automation, and deployment with control.

Computer science

Informatica is one of the cost-effective data science tools that believe data is the soul of business transformation. It helps companies move from binary information to extraordinary innovation. This data science tool drives next-generation cloud data innovation. It offers Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) for efficient data management. It also provides a data warehouse, data lake, application modernization, data governance and privacy.


QlikView is a popular data science tool with powerful interactive analytics and dashboards. He revolutionized businesses with classic analysis solutions and the revolutionary associative engine. Powerful augmented analytics and a governed multi-cloud architecture provide a full range of enterprise-wide analytics use cases.

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