Tripedia revolutionizes the travel ecosystem with an artificial intelligence travel designer

The Tripedia Foundation initiative has developed a new concept to serve the travel industry dubbed the Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer. According to the developers of Tripedia, it can solve the problems in the tourism market caused by centralized online travel agencies.

Singapore, November 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) AI is data driven information and resources. Platform users can also participate in information sharing creating a decentralized ecosystem.

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Restoring confidence in the travel industry

OTAs have improved digital security protection. However, they are not always immune to cyber attacks. Successful hackers commit fraud using stolen customer data. Thus, it reduces confidence in the travel industry. Pricing is not always transparent.

The Tripedia ecosystem allows suppliers and customers to effectively share information. The data is secure enough not to depend on powerful OTA platforms. Each participant in the Tripedia contractual protocol chain uploads data to the blockchain and assigns it a digital identifier. Then it records every bit of data generated under that ID in the contract ledger. Information ranges from customer travel to payment details.

The platform stores data off-chain using a Distributed File Storage System (IPFS). It also generates a hash string as the link entry for the smart contract on the chain. The string records the unique hash value, ensuring the authenticity of the data. This process takes the pressure off the data storage chain. It also provides system efficiency and improves safety.

Personalization of consumer needs

Customers provide Tripedia with their travel information and preferences. AITD uses the data it has on previous reviews, accommodation and flight availability. Thanks to this, he recommends the best travel plan to them.

This type of learning saves time and energy compared to traditional machine learning algorithms. Using blockchain, the scalable system learns consumers’ travel preferences as they emerge. The AITD model becomes more precise depending on the number of participants. When the data on Tripedia increases, travel plans will be more personalized than ever.


The TRIP coin is the heart of the Tripedia ecosystem. TRIP tokens can be used for transportation, accommodation and other travel related items and services. Earning TRIP tokens is as easy as sharing travel resources and knowledge. The greater the number of Tripedia members, the more this sharing increases, which leads to an increased demand for TRIP tokens.

Tripedia’s dApp allows users to quickly make payments with one click. Then the platform automatically uploads the data to the channel. In doing so, the customer will receive TRIP tokens as a reward for their contribution to the data. Tripedia adopts the decentralized OTA mode. Customer payments are transferred directly to vendor portfolios in real time. This way, suppliers don’t have to worry about long payment terms.

The model’s unified API interface also allows investors to connect tokens. The connection is both reliable and simple. Travel related articles from different public channels can also be transferred to Tripedia. It allows the circulation of other tokens and extends the limits of Tripedia.

About Tripedia

Tripedia is a blockchain-based ecosystem that promises to overhaul and optimize the travel industry. Their objective is to provide players in the tourism market with a platform enabling everyone to participate equally in sharing and exchanging information. You can find more information on the platform;




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