Tripura seeks to strengthen the cybersecurity frontier by setting up a data center

The Tripura government has decided to recruit a cybersecurity expert to secure the recently set up data center at IT Bhawan in Agartala, an official has said.

Speaking to reporters, Principal Secretary for IT, Puneet Aggarwal said as the cyber threat is on the rise and as services are going digital, users are also at a greater risk of being abused.

In order to provide increased cyber security, the government has identified sensitive data at the cyber security data center where new threats are regularly identified, Aggarwal said. He added that the expert soon to be hired by the government will oversee the protection of the digital border along with the existing IT experts serving the government.

“This is sensitive data. We felt the need to have an expert for the protection and security of this data,” Aggarwal added.

He also said the agencies would be bound by government procedures required to provide experts who meet industry standards. “They will guide us on how to protect our infrastructure.”

The move is the first major step in protecting government data from cyberattacks, especially after a string of recent complaints from ministers and senior civil servants about their accounts, social media credentials, etc. being hacked. people’s money.

On July 27, Deputy Inspector General (Law and Order) Jyotishman Das Choudhury said that several cases had been reported to Tripura Police in which fraudsters were creating fake WhatsApp profiles using questionable numbers.

“…(fake number) was used to create many fake WhatsApp profiles with real photographs of senior officers/prominent personalities. Malefactors send WhatsApp messages mentioning some SOS situations and asking for the money to be paid by Amazon gift cards, vouchers, coupons, etc. the official said, advising people not to respond to any messages from those numbers.

The state government set up a cybersecurity data center at IT Bhawan last year as part of its ambitious plan to turn Tripura into an IT hub. The state also aspires to technically rely on the internet gateway with Bangladesh which is operational here.

On the matter, an IT department official said, “We have a cybersecurity data center. Besides the regular digital attacks, we receive new threats. Ethical hackers identify new threats, we want to ensure constant monitoring”.

He said a multitude of works, including data management, software solutions, funds management, etc., are handled by experts at the center.

Tripura Data Center was launched under the State Data Center Policy in 2021 to develop a state-of-the-art data center. As part of this policy, the government has signed a memorandum of understanding with data service providers who are expected to start operations soon.

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