UBPXcellerator Launches 1st Free Data Science Developer Program – Back End News

The Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank), through its UBPXcellerator program, has launched the Data Science Development Program (DSDP). DSDP is a free data science course for aspiring data scientists that covers topics such as data science basics, data visualization, programming, machine learning, and building a data portfolio .

Developed by UnionBank’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI-COE), the comprehensive program will run over six weeks with 19 self-paced modules, including weekly enrichment sessions with top data scientists from UnionBank.

“For 2022, we are more than ready to tech-up Pilipinas by building the capabilities and talents of the people who will propel the future of banking and co-create innovations for a better world,” said Jam Salvador, Head of project, UPBXcellerator.

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In attendance were 107 people including DSDP students, faculty members, and UnionBankers – all ready to upskill and retrain in data science.

Interns can expect a capstone project during the fourth week of the program via the Data Science Development Challenge, where they will be tasked with creating their own data models. Top performers can be invited to an internship for the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI-COE), led by Adrienne Heinrich, Ph.D., a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and customer experience. The learning will allow learners to deepen their data science knowledge and apply the theories they have absorbed during the six-week training program. Selected entrants may also be given priority when screening potential recruitment for data science opportunities within UnionBank, its affiliates and partners.

“I believe that data and data science are important pillars for everything we do, from making data real, to operationalizing data, that it effectively means revenue, revenue opportunities, efficiency operational and risk management, to unforeseen new opportunities through innovation and research,” said Dr. David Hardoon, Chief Data and AI Officer, UnionBank.

The original goal of the UBPXcellerator was to educate 10,000 learners ranging from aspiring college students, job changers, and job seekers. Participants come from various school partners who have agreed to include the program as an optional course for students. The courses offered range from blockchain, data science and AI, to API development and cybersecurity, to name a few.

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