VapiaCoin is the first Blockchain in the World based on the VTM system and assisted by Artificial Intelligence

VapiaCoin is the first Blockchain in the World based on the VTM system and assisted by Artificial Intelligence

The famous VAPIA team launches VapiaCoin and VapiaVTM for members.

Vapia is launching its own coin on December 2, VapiaCoin is based on a complex and unique system in the world. This coin is created based on the VapiaVTM system and is the first coin assisted by artificial intelligence.

• VapiaCoin is the world’s first Blockchain project based on the power of people.

• VapiaCoin with the largest exchanges will form the first online cryptocurrency bank.

• Vapia created VapiaSwap with fees 362 times lower than Ethereum and 74 times lower than Bitcoin.

• VapiaCoin will invest 10% in new artificial intelligence projects.

• VapiaCoin will invest 10% in new medical projects.

• VapiaCoin will invest 10% in new modern education projects.

Power of the Vapia VTM Blockchain

What is VapiVTM?

• VapiaVTM is the unique blockchain project by which members get 50% at level 1 and 25% each at levels 2,3,4,5. If a VTM member reaches level 5, he is rewarded with an amount of $5,000,000.

• Earnings are automatically deposited into your USDT account by the VTM system. To be part of the VapiaVTM community, you just need to be a VTM member and get the winnings.

The Vapia community

• Vapia’s main office is located in the Dubai Creek Tower.

• We currently have 4 secondary offices, Monte-Carlo Business Center, NYC Virtual New York, Europa Tower Lithuania, Taipei Office Taiwan.

• Soon we will open 5 offices in Europe, 5 offices in Asia.

• The Vapia community will be very important in the next 3 years because we use an advanced reward system and the world’s first system assisted by artificial intelligence.

Security and contract

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

• BSC is a new smart contract platform launched by Binance based on Go Ethereum (Geth).

• The Vapia contract has been verified by three private security companies and will be sent for audit to one of the best Certik companies.

The Vapia Coin contract address is verified: 0x3f5919C4Eecc8ccDc19D9E317B717D87CbaC8D60.

Total supply: 21,000,000 VPA.

Maximum supply: 21,000,000 VPA.

Vapia ecosystem

• Digital Asset Research Provide professional data-driven insights and analytics

• Investment and Fundraising Empower entrepreneurs, projects and blockchain communities.

• Support and adoption Promoting transparent initiatives to build communities and expand global access

• Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange Provide a secure, fast and seamless trading experience.

VapiCoin market

• VapiaSwap will be launched in January 2023.

• The inauguration of VapiaBank will take place in 2023

• The opening of the largest online market with payment in cryptocurrencies 2023.

Allocation of tokens

• 7% premium

• 8% team and advisor

• 10% Investnvest VapiaVTM and artificial intelligence

• 25% reserve fund

50% presale

Exchange Allowance

• 8% pancake exchange

• 9% bitru

• 10% Kucoin

• 15%

VapiaCoin will be launched on December 2 and will revolutionize most blockchains with the unique VapiaVTM system.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the first 1000 VTM members, register and become a VTM member.



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