Vectice Hires Former Yelp VP of Data Science Justin Norman to Support Enterprise AI Insights Solution as Head of Data Science

SAN FRANCISCO, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vectice, the data science knowledge capture and sharing solution, today announced that the company has hired an industry veteran Justin Norman as a data science manager. The move follows Vectice’s recent hires at Cloudera and DataRobot and supports the company’s commitment to building a team of the industry’s top talent following their $15.6M of the total funding announced earlier this year.

Norman, formerly VP of Data Science at Yelp, brings ten years of experience and a unique background in machine learning and artificial intelligence to Vectice. During his years of working at different levels of data science leadership, Norman has had first-hand experience of the data science problems Vectice addresses: inter-organizational isolation, limited ability to benchmark assets, lack of access to knowledge from experts in the field and problems communicating progress.

“I was drawn to Vectice because it brings the sources of information together and makes them actionable. Having led machine learning data science projects for over ten years, one of the main issues we continue to do face is the difficulty of tracking and prioritizing multiple workflows.” declared Justin Norman, Head of Data Science, Vectice. “The tools available were simply not designed for us as data scientists. Vectice is the premier knowledge capture tool that allows us to work in our native language and do our jobs better.”

“We are very excited to have Justin join the team,” said Cyril Brignone, CEO, Vectice. “His expertise and the resonance he has with the product is incredibly valuable. Our business leaders must be keen to understand the problems Vectice was designed to solve, and Justin has that experience across the board.”

Norman began his career in United States Marine Corps where he used artificial intelligence and machine learning for geospatial tracking. While at Cisco, he defined what data science was, at its core, which he then applied to his work at Fitbit by integrating machine learning into products. As a director at Cloudera and vice president of data science at Yelp, he led both applied research and product data science teams in complex projects. Norman’s goal as Head of Data Science at Vectice is to introduce enterprise data science teams to the right tools for those teams to deliver meaningful results.

Vectice automatically captures and organizes all assets created by data science teams while working on a project. The Vectice platform also generates documentation throughout the data science lifecycle, from business requirements to production deployment. Like sales teams before the advent of customer relationship management (CRM) software, data scientists need purpose-built solutions to perform their critical tasks. Vectice’s mission is to revolutionize the way data science teams work and collaborate within their organization.

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About Vectice
Vectice’s mission is to revolutionize the way enterprise data science teams index their assets, manage knowledge, and collaborate with the rest of the business. We develop platform-independent AI asset management and documentation software for companies to successfully scale their AI initiatives by providing a unified view of data science initiatives across an organization. Enterprises use Vectice to centralize project visibility, share domain knowledge, mitigate data science project risk, and increase the ROI of their AI initiatives.


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