Webinar organized on the study and work prospects of the MBA in Data Science

An MBA in Data Science helps graduates or professionals combine their analytical skills with business management knowledge.

The course will enable them to convert data analysis into better business decisions. It’s also a great addition for data scientists who are always keen on crunching numbers.

During a webinar on Data Science: Studying and Working in the United States/Canada hosted by The Hindu in association with the International School of Engineering (INSOFE) on Sunday, panelists discussed the INSOFE course application process and careers in data science management. INSOFE is recognized as the premier data science education institute in Asia that provides research and consultancy experience.

It offers collaborative global programs for students from various educational disciplines and professions.

Dakshinamurthy V. Kolluru, Founder and President of INSOFE, said the institution offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and executive doctorate programs in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Gaurav Agarwal, CEO, Soothsayer Analytics LLC, USA, spoke about data science services, energy supply product/framework creation, demand forecasting, fraud detection and what data science means in business terms.

Soma Giri Parupalli, Vice President of INSOFE, explained the process of entering the institution and the period of study in India.

After completing subsequent semesters at partner universities abroad, students can confirm their acceptance to the conditional offer letter. However, the job offer is non-binding and students are free to explore other job opportunities.

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