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Worcester, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Worcester, Massachusetts —

According to the Institute, the online program prepares students to gain new insights through data science and articulate those discoveries into solutions that impact our lives, our work, and the world around us. Data science is one of the fastest growing careers in the world.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Master of Science in Data Science Online The program begins with a foundational track to support those who need to build on their current background in math and programming to succeed in the program. Students then choose from two specializations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning or Big Data Analytics, both of which offer excellent career prospects.

Given the demand in this field, Worcester Polytechnic Institute has announced updates to its Master of Science in Data Science Online program, expanding customization options for students to better prepare for a career in data science. The program helps students leave other career fields with relevant work experience through its integrated core courses to ensure a basic knowledge of programming concepts, data structures, algorithms and mathematics for science Datas. For students with sufficient knowledge and/or experience, these courses can be bypassed and the student can use two additional electives focusing on AI and machine learning, big data analytics and management, computer systems, cybersecurity and business intelligence to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

The Master of Science in Data Science Online helps train and prepare students for the future, which many believe will depend on the growth of the program’s two specializations, AI & Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. In industries such as business, healthcare, and even engineering, data science graduates can become database administrators, business analysts, data engineers, and more. These data science roles are essential for maintaining and improving databases, creating models for leaders to make informed decisions, and gathering information about a company’s practices and systems in various areas.

As well as helping to develop technical skills, the institute’s interdisciplinary and project-based approach to education also helps to develop storytelling and interpersonal skills, both of which are essential for growth. careers. Students also graduate with an increased likelihood of earning above the median starting salary within three years of post-graduate work experience: US News and World Reports ranked the institute as the 5th national university where graduates are well paid in 2022.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s dedication to data science is evident in its commitment to connection and outreach initiatives such as the Women in Data Science conference, for which the institute collaborated with Stanford University. for 5 consecutive years to host a conference venue in central Massachusetts at WPI. The event provides an opportunity to connect with others in the field of data science and learn about and be inspired by the latest research and applications related to data science.

Readers can learn more about Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s online Master of Science in Data Science program by visiting https://onlinestemprograms.wpi.edu/programs/online-data-science-masters

About Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, WPI offers online programs like the Master of Science in Data Sciencee. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the foundation of data science courses and in-demand specializations, WPI’s curriculum prepares students to gain new insights from data and effectively communicate the importance of their discoveries. Students in the online Master of Science in Data Science program learn to deliver real-world, creative solutions and deliver impactful insights shaped by data. In addition to developing interpersonal skills, graduates gain technical proficiency such as database management and analytical techniques.


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