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PARIS, Dec. 27 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – YetAi, a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs, announced its decision to bring artificial intelligence [AI] to the Solana blockchain. This is a 100% AI generated NFT project.

YetAi will seek to offer a range of public services to bearers and members of the community, one of which includes exclusive access to conferences, seminars and private events in the community. YetAi aims to bring more people into the crypto and NFT markets, the incorporation of knowledge-based seminars and conferences to be led by industry experts is part of the Solana-based company’s plans to achieve this. feat.

Another awesome offering from YetAi is the artificial intelligence trading bot. This bot will automatically buy and sell cryptos for users at a higher level than expected. Simplifying the trading process, this AI-powered bot dispels the need for users to study the strategies and parameters of the crypto market as it undertakes the task for them. On top of that, YetAi will reward minters with 70% royalty on future NFT sales.

YetAi seeks to bring AI to Solana’s advanced blockchain through this collection of ultra-rare and unique NFTs created from over 90 traits.

With the pre-sale and whitelist dates yet to be disclosed, YetAi has scheduled a token release for the first quarter of 2022. This token will serve as a reward for NFT holders, further incentivizing them to join. unprecedented idea of ​​the project. These tokens will also serve as governance tokens for the growing YetAi community.

Currently, the cost of typing, buying and selling NFTs has increased exponentially, due to the massive influx of artists into the budding market. Supporting Solana’s advanced blockchain, the YetAi development team strongly believes in the immense potential of this network as the future of NFTs. Posting these well-designed, unprecedented and super rare NFTs on Solana will provide potential holders with fast, secure and low-gas transactions, which will further inspire the YetAi community to buy quickly.

YetAi has set a roadmap that includes a plethora of activities or actions to take when a certain percentage of the unprecedented 8,888 NFTs are sold. Plans are currently underway to release a series of YetAi merchandise and other goodies for selected members. In addition, a village is under construction on the land of the metaverse belonging to the project. In conclusion, YetAi has a long-term vision for the project.

About YetAi

YetAi is a Solana-based collection of 8,888 unique and rare NFTs that tell the story of the Yetis. Offering a ton of utilities to holders, these NFTs are 100% generated from AI, one of the technologies at the heart of improving the world. YetAi aims to reward holders with over 70% royalty on sales while providing colossal giveaways like personalized merchandise, all expense paid travel to an upcoming event in Singapore, and access to a private YetAi app. Have.

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